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A Guide to the Best AI Headshot Generators of 2023

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Best for Generating AI Images from Text
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Supports Text Prompts
Offers realistic and fantasy images
Photo Eraser/Photo Enhancer
Best for Professional, work-related headshots
Try It On AI
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Affordable pricing
Realistic Images
Great Customer Support
Best for Social Media profile pictures and avatars
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Intelligent Background Removal
Style Selection
100% Guarantee
Best for Getting professional images for large teams
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Flexible Pricing
Professionally Edited and Curated
Styles and Background Choices
Best for Quick and easy headshot generation
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Competitive Pricing
Impressive Turnaround
Best for Professional Headshots

A Guide to the Best AI Headshot Generators of 2023

In a rush? Here are the best AI headshot generators:

Generating high-quality headshots is more accessible and efficient than ever. At first impression, these hyperrealistic photos look like they could be real – but that’s where the beauty of AI comes in.

In this article, we will explore the top-performing AI headshot generators, what they do best, who they cater to, and how they work.

What are AI Headshot Generators?

AI-powered headshot generators employ deep learning models, neural networks, and image synthesis techniques to generate highly detailed and lifelike images. The images, while not real, are based on either user-provided images or a collection of images. The AI then reconstructs the images to assemble a hyper-realistic image.

How do AI Headshot Generators Work?

Headshot generators work in a similar way that most AI tools do, by training a model from a large dataset, making sense of the data, and extracting pertinent information. Here’s an in-depth look at how AI headshot generators work.

  1. Training the AI: The AI headshot generator is trained on a large dataset of human headshots. This dataset includes images of different individuals with a wide range of facial features, expressions, and variations. 
  2. Apply Deep Learning Models: The AI uses deep learning models, such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs) or generative adversarial networks (GANs), to learn patterns, textures, and facial structures from the training dataset. These models analyze the input images and extract relevant features.
  3. Feature Extraction: The AI algorithm extracts various facial features like eyes, nose, mouth, and ears from the input image. It learns the relationships between these features and how they contribute to the overall appearance of a face.
  4. Synthesis and Generation: Using the learned patterns and features, the tool synthesizes a new headshot by combining and manipulating the extracted features. It can generate new faces by altering the shape, size, position, and other attributes of the facial features.
  5. Refinement and Realism: To enhance realism, the AI algorithm incorporates additional techniques such as texture mapping, lighting effects, and blending to ensure that the generated headshots closely resemble real human faces. This refinement process aims to create convincing and natural-looking results.
  6. User Interaction and Customization: Many AI headshot generators offer user-friendly interfaces that allow users to interact with the generated headshots. Users can customize various aspects of the avatar, such as facial expressions, hairstyles, skin tones, and accessories, to create unique and personalized characters.

What Can AI Headshot Generators Be Used For?

You’ve probably seen the recent fad on social media of people generating selfies for their social media profile pics, – producing hyper-realistic avatars of themselves. AI image generators can also produce digital art, images for dating app profiles, business photography, and more.

Professional Photography Alternative

Back in the day, you use to need professional headshots to stand out. If you’re busy, not centrally located, or can’t afford a professional photographer for a photo shoot, you can use artificial intelligence to generate professional-looking headshots of yourself instead. Use it for your LinkedIn profile, resume, or business cards. Many businesses are using AI-generated images for their team members and professional profiles.

Visual Content

AI headshot generators can be used to create realistic and diverse avatars, profile pictures, or character designs for use in digital platforms, social media, video games, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) applications. They offer a quick and efficient way to generate visually appealing human faces without the need for professional photography or graphic design skills.

Advertising and Marketing

Used in advertising campaigns, promotional materials, personal brands, and marketing collateral, AI Headshot Generators provide an opportunity to create personalized visual content for targeting specific demographics. They’re also used by entrepreneurs and business owners to quickly scale their marketing collateral at a fraction of the cost.

Film, Animation, and Gaming

AI-generated headshots can serve as a starting point for character design in films, animations, and video games. Artists and designers can modify and customize the generated headshots to create unique characters, base player avatars, or generate crowds of people – all with specific facial features, expressions, and personalities. 

Privacy Protection

These tools can protect individuals’ privacy by generating realistic but synthetic images that can be used as placeholders instead of actual photographs. This is particularly useful in cases where visual data needs to be anonymized or pseudonymized, such as in medical research or data-driven applications.

E-commerce and Personalization 

Have you ever tried on a pair of glasses virtually? You can thank AI. AI images can be utilized in e-commerce platforms to provide virtual try-on experiences, where users can visualize how products (such as glasses, hats, or cosmetics) would look on their own faces.

Are AI Headshot Generators Hard to Use?

Although some advanced options and customizations are possible, AI headshot generators are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to individuals without in-depth technical knowledge. They aim to simplify the process of generating headshots and make it easy for users to experiment with different styles and variations.

Most AI headshot generators provide a straightforward interface where users can upload reference photos or customize various parameters such as hairstyle, facial features, and background. Some generators also accept text prompts and templates that can help users easily generate images. The generators typically offer a range of options to modify and personalize the generated headshots according to individual preferences.

While the specific user experience may vary depending on the tool or platform, the overall goal is to make the process intuitive and enjoyable. The generators often provide real-time previews or instant results, allowing users to see the changes they make and make adjustments as needed.

Top 7 Best AI Headshot Generator

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  1. Fotor
  2. Hotpot
  3. Try it on AI
  4. Pfpmaker
  5. ProPhotos
  6. StudioShot
  7. HeadShotPro

1. Fotor

Fotor | Top Best AI Headshot Generator ART Generator

Fotor offers a wide range of AI photo features for artists, marketers, designers, and photographers. From image enhancements to generation, Fotor does it all.

Top Features

  • AI Face Generator – Provide a text prompt as descriptive as you’d like, and get a unique, realistic face that’s as convincing as it is fake.
  • AI Avatar Generator – With Fotor’s avatar generator, you can upload photos of yourself and let the AI generate a collection of styles you can customize. Make an avatar for streaming on Twitch, add it to your profile picture, and add your unique flair and personality. With tons of design assets, anyone creates unique anime avatars.
  • Photo Eraser/Photo Enhancer– Fotor makes it easy to remove unwanted elements and enhance existing images. So, if you’ve already got a great image, but need to erase, crop, or do some retouching, now you can.


The automated enhancements, although generally effective, may not always capture individual nuances or desired artistic choices. Some users might prefer more manual control over the editing process, which is not as extensively supported.


  • Fotor Basic – Free version that allows you to perform edits, limited design features, and watermarked AI photo effects. You’ll also get a few credits to generate an AI image using a text prompt.
  • Fotor Pro ($3.33/mo billed annually) – Create AI-generated content and leverage AI editing tools. You’ll receive 100 credits/mo
  • Fotor Pro + ($7.49/mo billed annually) – You’ll receive everything that’s included in Fotor Pro, but with more credits (300/mo)

2. Hotpot

Hotpot | Best AI Tool for Headshot is a collection of AI tools designed to help any creative from artist to copywriter. In their impressive lineup, they have a great AI headshot generator.

Top Features

  • Realistic or not. Hotspot will generate a collection of realistic and fantasy-style photos.
  • Price. $15 for 80 images is an amazing price for the service. Hotspot is definitely one of the more affordable options.
  • Fewer Pictures Needed for Great Quality Images. Hotspot claims it only needs 5 photos to generate quality images, while some competitors require upwards of 30 images.
  • Use Other Tools to Upscale. Hotspot offers other tools to help engage and upscale existing images using AI.


  • Quality is not as good as the more expensive competitors.


Hotspot starts at $20 for 5 images, all the way up to $80 for 800 images with more options coming soon.

3. Try It On AI

Try It On AI | Best AI Tool for Professional Photos

Try It On AI is an easy-to-use and fun portrait generator that’s perfect for taking a collection of selfies and converting them into business professional photographs.

Top Features

  • Quick turnaround: Try It On offers an incredible turnaround time. With many receiving their shots in hours.
  • Affordable pricing: At $17 for 100 professional photos, Try It On remains one of the most affordable options.
  • High-quality images: Reviewers are generally happy with the quality of the images.


  • Inconsistent results: Due to the nature of generative AI and the tons of data points being used to generate images, not all of the results may be accurate. Many reviewers of Try It On expressed some dissatisfaction with the generated photos, stating that they did not resemble them or looked like a different ethnicity.
  • Limited customer support: Based on several reviews on Trust Pilot, people had issues reaching customer support and receiving timely responses.
  • No refund policy: Currently, Try It On has no refund policy although some competitors do.


  • $17 for 100 headshots
  • $29 for 200 headshots
  • $45 for 200 headshots with two human edits

4. Pfpmaker

Profile Pic Maker | Best AI Tool for Professional Photos

Pfpmaker, of Profile Pic Maker, has created over 500,000,000 photos for its users. Profile Pic Maker automatically removes the background, enhances existing images, and generates new images. After the photo is generated, you’re able to continue updating your images with its editing tools to post a professional image on any social media.

Top Features

  • Intelligent Background Removal. Pfpmaker leverages cutting-edge technology to remove the background.
  • Choose Styles Upfront. With Profile Pic Maker, you get to choose from a variety of styles and angles before you pay.
  • Refund. Profile Pic Maker offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will gladly refund you within 7 days.
  • Easy to use. Reviewers found the website user-friendly and straightforward, allowing them to create profile pictures and edit images easily.


  • Inconsistent customization. One reviewer mentioned difficulty in amending certain aspects of the profile picture, specifically regarding background coverage.


  • Free Option. Upload an image for a free AI Enhancement.
  • Basic ($9) – 120 avatars in 15 styles
  • Premium ($29) – 240 avatars in 30 styles

5. ProPhotos

ProPhotos | User Interface Easy to Use AI Generator

Top Features

  • Superb Quality Results: Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technology, ProPhotos AI generates flawlessly lit, retouched headshots that appear natural and professional. The software can eliminate blemishes, adjust lighting, and even alter backgrounds, enabling users to achieve outstanding results.
  • User-Friendly Interface: ProPhotos AI boasts an intuitive user interface that accommodates users of all skill levels. Navigate effortlessly through the platform, swiftly creating stunning headshots without unnecessary complexity.


  • No Free Plan


  • Basic – $25 – 40 Unique Headshots and 3 Backgrounds
  • Premium -$55 – 80 Unique Headshots and 6 Backgrounds
  • Professional – $155 – 160 Unique Headshots, 12 Backgrounds, Unlimited Customizations

6. StudioShot

StudioShot AI | Best AI Tool for Professional Photos

When it comes to professional or corporate headshots, StudioShot is in a league of its own. Perfect for real estate agents, “meet the team”, or any professional setting. They offer quality results at a great price.

Top Features

  • Choose from a variety of professional backgrounds and styles. Each style comes with at least 40 premium headshots generated by AI technology. 
  • Discounted pricing for teams. StudioShot offers volume pricing discounts for teams looking for headshots. So, if you’re looking for professional photographs of your staff, StudioShot will be a fraction of the cost of a traditional photo session.
  • Professionally edited. Your headshots are professionally reviewed and edited by a veteran team of photographers, so you know you’ll get quality shots.


  • Limited styles. Although you get a variety of professional images, there are no options for fantasy, artistic, or hyper-stylized AI art.
  • Two-Day Turnaround. Waiting two days is a lot compared to some competitors, but being that they are professionally edited, it might be worth the price.


  • 1-5 People (40 Photographs Each) – $29.25 per Person
  • 5-20 People (40 Photographs Each) – $21.75 per Person
  • 20+ Team Members (Inquire Only)

7. HeadShotPro

HeadShot Pro | Best AI Tool for Professional Photos

Headshot Pro AI is a revolutionary tool that has transformed the world of headshot photography and has established itself as a reliable and effective solution. The platform offers a simple and user-friendly process, delivering a selection of high-quality images within minutes.

Top Features

  • Choose clothes and backgrounds. I’ve never seen other AI Headshot tools let you choose clothing, which sets HeadShotPro apart from some competitors.
  • Quick turnaround time. At a competitive price point, it is a great differentiator that HeadShotPro can turn around photos in less than two hours.


  • Limited Customization options. HeadShotPro doesn’t offer nearly as many customization options as some competitors.


  • $29 – 40 Headshots in 1 style
  • $39 – 120 Headshots in 3 different styles
  • $59 – 240 Headshots in 6 different styles

Summary: Top AI Headshot Generators Compared

 Free TrialProfessionally EditedQuick TurnaroundAI Avatar Generator
Fotorx  x
HotSpot  x 
Try It On  x 
ProPhotos x  
StudioShot x  
HeadShotPro x  


AI Headshots are quickly becoming the chosen method of enhancing online presence. Offering a variety of formats, these photorealistic images come at a fraction of the cost of traditional photoshoots. In a few years, entrepreneurs wi


Are there any legal or ethical issues associated with using AI-generated headshots?

Using AI-generated headshots raises some legal and ethical considerations. For starters, it’s important that the images used for generating headshots comply with copyright and intellectual property laws. Additionally, if the headshots are being used for commercial purposes, it is crucial to obtain proper permission from individuals featured in the photos. It is essential to be transparent about the use of AI and obtain consent from individuals whose photos are being used.

How user-friendly are these AI headshot generators? Do they require technical expertise to use?

Most platforms provide intuitive interfaces and step-by-step instructions, making it easy for users to upload their photos and generate headshots. The process typically involves selecting preferences or styles and letting the AI algorithms do the rest. While technical expertise is not required, some familiarity with basic computer operations and image uploading is probably needed.

What is the cost range for these AI headshot generators? Are there free options available?

The cost range for AI headshot generators varies depending on the platform and the specific services offered. Some platforms provide free options that allow users to generate a limited number of headshots or offer basic features. Paid plans usually offer more advanced features, customization options, and higher-quality outputs. In general, the pricing seems to range from $15-$39 per person. It’s important to explore the pricing plans of different platforms to find the one that best fits your budget and requirements.

How do these AI headshot generators handle data privacy and security?

AI headshot generators should prioritize data privacy and security. Read the platform’s privacy policy to understand how they collect, use, and store user data. Additionally, ensure that the platform has mechanisms to allow users to control their data, including options for deleting or requesting the removal of their information if needed.

What is the future of AI in the field of image synthesis and headshot generation?

The future of AI in image synthesis and headshot generation looks promising. As AI technologies continue to advance, we can expect even more realistic and high-quality results. AI algorithms will likely become more sophisticated in understanding and replicating human features, expressions, and styles.

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