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A Guide to the Best Free Proxy Browsers (in 2024)

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Best for privacy and security
Epic Privacy Browser
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Encrypted proxy browser
Blocks tracking
Prevents IP leaks
Best for Bypassing website bans
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Web proxy extension
Encrypts connection
Bypass content filtering
Best for General online anonymity
Tor Browser
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Hides IP and browsing habits
Complete anonymity
Multiple layers of encryption
Best for secure online experience VPN
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Free proxy tool
Data encryption
No logs policy
Best for Privacy & unblocking
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Fast connections
Excellent security
Strict zero logging

A Guide to the Best Free Proxy Browsers (in 2024)

In a rush? Here are the top completely free proxy browsers:

  1. Epic Privacy Browser
  2. KProxy Browser Extension
  3. Whoer’s Free Proxy Browser Extension
  4. Oxylabs Proxy Extension
  5. Tor Browser
  6. VPN

Navigating the web with an extra layer of privacy has never been more relevant. With rising concerns about online privacy, many are turning to specialized tools to keep their digital footprint discreet.

Enter proxy browsers: these tools play a big role in ensuring online anonymity, acting as a buffer between the user and the broader internet. Whether you’re hoping to bypass geo-restrictions, access blocked content, or are a tech enthusiast exploring browser options, knowing the importance of online privacy is key.

In this guide, we’ll look into the best free proxy browsers available, highlighting their features, the benefits they bring to the table, and any potential drawbacks.

Why Use a Free Proxy Browser?

Using a free proxy browser can be a game-changer for your online experience. These tools help mask your IP address, keeping your online activities more private. This simple act of online discretion can come in handy in multiple scenarios.

Have you ever been blocked from content because of your geographical location? Or found certain websites inaccessible from your school or workplace? Proxy browsers can help you bypass these limitations, granting you access to the information or entertainment you’re after.

Beyond accessing restricted content, proxy browsers can enhance online safety. While they’re not a foolproof shield, they do offer an added layer of protection by filtering some potentially harmful web content.

In short, whether you want to view content exclusive to another region, research from a neutral perspective, or just want the peace of mind of more private browsing, proxy browsers have you covered.

Free Proxy Browsers: Compared side by side

BrowserPrice Key FeaturesBuilt-in VPN?Best Suited For
Epic Privacy Browser-Free-Encrypted proxy browser-Data encryption-Blocks tracking-Blocks fingerprinting scripts-Has browser add-onsNoPrivacy and security features
KProxy Browser Extension-Extension is free-Paid plan is $5 for 10 days, $10 for 30 days, or $30 for 180 days-Web proxy extension-Encrypts connection-Traffic hidden-Global serversNoBypassing work or school website bans
Whoer Proxy Browser Extension-Free extension-Paid plan is $9.90 for 1 month, $3.90/month for 1 year, or $6.50/month for 6 months subscription-Web proxy-Global servers-Hides IP address-No logs or adsNoFast and lightweight solution
Oxylabs Proxy Extension-Free-Proxy extension-Proxy manager-Easy proxy switching-Easy protocol switch-Works with any proxy providerNoAdvanced users wanting more customization
Tor Browser-Free-Private browser-Hides IP and browsing-Complete anonymity-Multiple layers of encryption-Advanced settingsNoOnline anonymity VPN-Free version-Paid plan is $4.99/month and the Premium plan is at $9.99/month-Free VPN-Data encryption-No logs-Fast optimized servers-Full IPv6 support-MultihopYesVPN service

Top Free Proxy Browsers for 2023

Now that we’ve looked into the ‘why’, let’s dive into the ‘which’. Luckily there’s a variety of free proxy browsers and proxy services available, each with its own unique flair. So let’s check out the top contenders this year.

1. Epic Privacy Browser

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Epic Privacy Browser is the first web browser built on Chromium and it stands out for its built-in encrypted proxy, which keeps users protected from trackers, hackers, and other prying eyes. It hides your IP address and blocks third-party cookies, fingerprinting scripts, and other attempts to track your browsing activity. 

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After downloading the browser, I was up and running quickly. It has a clean, easy-to-navigate user interface, which isn’t a surprise since it’s built on Chromium. And while it doesn’t have as many browser features as Google Chrome, it makes up for it with its privacy features. You can see right from the homepage how many trackers have been blocked as well as fingerprinting attempts.

One thing to note, some of the browser’s key functionality like their built-in VPN, encrypted proxy, and AdBlock are now user-controlled, meaning you may have to add them through the Epic Extension page. On my Mac, they were already turned on, but it might depend on what platform/device you’re on.


  • Encrypted proxy browser 
  • Encrypts data with its proxy
  • Blocks tracking
  • Prevents IP leaks via WebRTC calls
  • Blocks fingerprinting scripts
  • Enhanced protection over browser add-ons
  • Deletes browsing history on close
  • Reveals trackers in other browsers


Free to download and use.


  • Encrypted proxy acts similarly to a VPN
  • Counters tracking attempts per session
  • Reveals trackers in other sessions
  • Good default settings
  • Available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • Nodes in 7 countries
  • Free to use


  • Key features need to be added as extensions
  • Some websites don’t work 

Best Suited For

For those looking for robust privacy and security features in a browser, Epic Privacy Browser is our choice. It’s ideal for anyone who prioritizes protection from trackers, fingerprinting, and unwanted data collection while browsing.

2. KProxy Browser Extension

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KProxy has been around since 2005 and has over 1.5 million monthly users. It’s a free proxy service that allows users to access blocked websites, encrypt their data, bypass internet restrictions, and overall offer an added layer of privacy when browsing the web. The KProxy extension is available for major browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, and they also have a portable solution, which is essentially Firefox with the KProxy extension preconfigured – perfect for on-the-go usage.

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The extension is easy to use, as expected. All you have to do is click a big green button to get connected. It automatically connected me to a Canada server but the free plan lets me choose from a variety of servers in both Canada and France. Access to faster servers and servers in other countries requires a plan upgrade.

While browsing the internet was pretty fast, I wasn’t able to access streaming sites like Netflix at all (the request was denied). So if you’re looking to stream, it’s not the ideal solution.


  • Web proxy extension
  • Encrypts connection
  • Traffic hidden behind KProxy servers
  • Servers available in various countries
  • Bypass content filtering


KProxy has a free extension, with the ability to upgrade to their paid plan, which comes with access to premium servers that are harder to ban, unlimited downloads, no ads, and better performance. Another perk is that there is no pay period, you only pay for the days you use it. The cost is $5 for 10 days, $10 for 30 days, or $30 for 180 days.


  • Free web proxy extension
  • 30-day money back for paid plans
  • Available on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox
  • Portable browser 
  • No data collection


  • Limited free version
  • Not good for streaming

Best Suited For

Overall, KProxy advertises itself as a good solution for bypassing work or school website bans, but it’s a pretty simple solution with not much in the way of privacy or security features.

3. Whoer’s Free Proxy Browser Extension is a free web proxy service that allows you to browse the web anonymously and hide your IP address. It offers browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Yandex. provides a capable free web proxy with essential privacy features. While speeds may vary and advanced options require a paid VPN plan, it’s an excellent free option for basic anonymous browsing.
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Installing the extension was easy and straightforward. I had to create a login, and from there I was able to connect to a server in the Netherlands. To pick other faster servers, I would need to upgrade to their premium plan (details on that below). After doing some browsing, the extension works pretty fast. Not quite as fast as with the extension turned off, but it didn’t slow me down by much. Just remember that with the free version, you can expect some restrictions in traffic, speed, and even access to some websites. Trying to stream Netflix, for example, was slow to load, but once it did, I was able to watch just fine.


  • Web proxy
  • Servers in multiple countries
  • Hides your IP address
  • Bypasses block and gives more access to content
  • No logs policy or ads

Pricing is a free extension, with an option to upgrade to paid plans, which gives more features like unlimited traffic, no speed limits, and more servers. The cost is $9.90 for 1 month, $3.90/month for 1 year, or $6.50/month for 6 months subscription. 


  • Free version
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for paid versions
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Allows access to blocked content
  • Available for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and other browsers


  • Speeds can be slow on the free version (depending on activities), especially on distant servers
  • No ability to select specific server locations on the free version
  • Advanced features require upgrading to a paid VPN plan

Best Suited For is ideal for anyone who wants a fast and lightweight solution. You don’t need to download anything, it’s a simple-to-use browser extension that you can get up and running in just a couple of steps.

4. Oxylabs Proxy Extension

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Oxylabs is a big player in the world of proxy services and offers a nice variety of proxy products, like mobile proxies, rotating proxies, web unblockers, scaper APIs, and more, but right now we’ll just focus on their free proxy extension. If you want to read about their rotating proxies, you can check out our review here.

This extension is a little different from other proxy browser extensions, like KProxy (which we reviewed earlier in this article). With this extension, you can connect through various proxies and it’s designed to be compatible with any proxy provider. It’s a tool geared more towards users who may already have proxy providers or those who want more flexibility in choosing or switching between them, unlike KProxy, which is a service that offers web-based proxy usage as well as a browser extension..

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The extension lets you connect with one click. You can add and switch between multiple proxies and it works with any proxy provider. And if you don’t have one, you can easily get some proxies from Oxylabs themselves. As you can see from my screenshot above, it’s easy to add and manage your proxies. I also like the user interface of the extension, which is clean and easy to use.


  • Proxy extension
  • Proxy manager
  • Easily switch between multiple proxies
  • Can lock your IP to  maintain the same session and avoid blocks
  • Switch between protocols
  • Works with any proxy provider


The Oxylabs proxy extension is free to use.


  • Free
  • Easy to add Oxylabs proxies
  • Easily manage proxy providers in one place


  • Doesn’t come with any proxies

Best Suited For

The Oxy Proxy Extension is best suited for advanced users looking for a more customizable proxy solution that integrates seamlessly with various proxy providers.

5. Tor Browser

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No discussion of proxy browsers would be complete without mentioning Tor Browser. Unlike typical web browsers, this heavyweight in online privacy operates by routing user traffic through a decentralized network of volunteer-run servers, or nodes, effectively masking your location and activity. This unique architecture not only grants anonymity but also offers protection against tracking and surveillance. Additionally, users benefit from the ability to bypass geo-blocks and access restricted content. In a landscape crowded with privacy-focused options, Tor Browser remains a beacon for those prioritizing anonymity and security.

Because of its open-source nature and commitment to user anonymity, The Tor Browser has been a long-time favorite of the privacy community.

So how does it hold up in use?


I found Tor Browser to be pretty straightforward, with the search bar in the center, and no complicated setup. You can however configure some settings, like adjusting the security level and HTTPS mode, adding/removing certificates, adding bridges (in places where Tor is blocked), etc. There are also more advanced settings that let you configure how the browser connects to the internet.

There’s a No Script extension, various browser themes you can choose from, and plugin options for Firefox.


  • Privacy browser that hides IP and browsing habits
  • Complete anonymity
  • Multiple layers of encryption
  • Advanced settings and configuration


Tor Browser is free to download and use. This open-source software is maintained by the Tor Project and a community of volunteers around the world.


  • Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android
  • Free and open-source
  • Constantly being updated
  • Excellent for anonymity
  • Easy to start using


  • Slower speeds
  • Can be blocked by some sites

Best Suited For

Tor Browser is a great option for general online anonymity. It stands out for its commitment from the Tor Project and the community to providing a truly private browser.

6. VPN

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If you’re concerned about online privacy and security, you’ve probably come across a ton of VPN services, all promising anonymity and safety. But VPN takes it to the next level with not just a free VPN service, but also a free proxy tool and a specialized service called Bolt. Let’s take a look at how these services stand up from a user’s perspective. Bolt is designed to tackle two big issues: ISP throttling and poor VPN performance on Windows. It uses TCP over UDP, which is great for Windows users who experience ISP speed throttling. The feature is built to deliver multi-gigabit speeds and reduced latency, operating over TLS 1.3 channels.

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Installing and navigating VPN was a breeze. The UI is clean, minimalistic, and very user-friendly. Customization is key here—I was able to adjust the settings to fit my needs, like adding a kill switch or launching the VPN on system startup. It also features an auto-connect option that pairs you with the fastest server, taking the guesswork out of server selection. The free version also comes with servers in 5 countries, which is a lot more than what most other free services give.

Overall, VPN is a great option for anyone looking for a secure and private online experience, which its positive online reviews can attest to. It’s easy to use, fast, and reliable.


  • Free proxy tool
  • Available VPN
  • Data encryption 
  • Can encrypt URLs and remove scripts
  • No logs
  • Bold fast proxy
  • Optimized streaming servers
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Kill switch
  • Multihop


The VPN service comes with a free plan that offers 10GB of monthly data. If you need unlimited data and more features like stealth VPN, more server locations, more simultaneous connections, and worldwide streaming support, the Plus plan is available for $4.99/month, and the Premium plan is at $9.99/month.


  • No data collection
  • Fast VPN (Bolt technology)
  • Independent provider
  • Feature-rich: Free Proxy and Bolt Fast Proxy
  • User-friendly interface
  • Available across multiple platforms and apps
  • Generous free plan
  • Transparent privacy plan


  • Speed inconsistencies
  • Advanced features are part of paid plans

Best Suited For VPN, with its range of offerings, is a go-to choice for those for the best VPN service. The free version is solid, but the paid plans are definitely worth it with all the features you get.

Safety Concerns with Free Proxy Browsers

While free proxy browsers can be a game changer for your online activities, it’s important to stay in the know about potential pitfalls. Every rose has its thorn, right?

Firstly, remember that “free” can sometimes come at a cost. Some free services might sell your data or expose you to unwanted ads. The key here is to choose reputable browsers that have transparent privacy policies. A quick scan of user reviews can also give you a heads-up about any dodgy behaviors.

Another concern? Not all proxy browsers encrypt your data, meaning that while your location might be hidden, your online activities might not be as private as you’d hoped. To up the safety ante, consider using a VPN in tandem with your proxy browser.

Lastly, let’s drop some safe browsing nuggets:

Always ensure the website URL has ‘https’ because that little ‘s’ means secure, and that’s our gold standard. Avoid downloading files or casually clicking on pop-up ads, as they might just be hiding some malware surprises. Lastly, remember to clear your browser cookies and cache regularly. 

What are the benefits of using a free proxy browser?

Proxy browsers offer some great benefits to enhance your online anonymity, like hiding your location, so websites can’t easily track you. They’re also handy for accessing content that might be blocked where you live. On top of that, they give an extra layer of protection, especially on public Wi-Fi.

Can I access geo-restricted content using a proxy browser?

Proxy browsers work by essentially placing you in a different location, helping you sidestep geo-blocks. So if there’s a show you want to binge or a website you want to access from another country, a proxy browser can help. Just keep in mind that not all free proxy servers can bypass every restriction, but many can do the trick.

What’s the difference between a VPN and a proxy browser?

A VPN encrypts your entire internet connection, protecting all activities and data transmissions, while also hiding your IP address. A proxy browser only hides your IP address and reroutes your browser activity through a different server, but doesn’t encrypt your entire connection. This means VPNs generally offer more comprehensive security and privacy compared to proxy browsers.


Our exploration of proxy solutions has showed a variety of options tailored to different needs. Epic Privacy Browser stands out for its nice lineup of safety and privacy features. offers a quick and straightforward extension, perfect for those who prefer a fast and uncomplicated approach. KProxy, while basic, effectively bypasses common website restrictions. 

Advanced users might gravitate towards the Oxy Proxy Extension for its adaptability with different proxy providers. The Tor Browser remains a community favorite for its unwavering commitment to online anonymity. Lastly, VPN emerges as a top VPN choice, especially for those considering a premium experience. As always, we encourage readers to prioritize safe and informed browsing habits.

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