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A Guide to the Best Proxy Browsers for Android

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Best for Free Version
UPX Browser
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Proxy browser with built-in VPN
Unblocks restricted sites
SSL encryption & Global server locations
Best for Privacy & Security
Tor Browser
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Backed by Tor project
Free and open-sourced
Blocks third-party trackers and ads
Best for VPN service
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Free VPN
Over 2000 servers
Split tunneling and kill switch
Best for Premium Experience
Private Browser
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Fast and multiple server locations
Good customer support
Built-in VPN
Best for Comprehensive solution
Aloha Browser
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Crypto wallet and blockchain support
Media player
File management & ad-blocker

A Guide to the Best Proxy Browsers for Android

In a rush? UPX Browser offers built-in VPN features but has aggressive ads, Tor Browser is open-source with multi-layered encryption, Proxynel emphasizes dynamic IP switching, Private Browser boasts a built-in VPN with over 400 global servers, and Aloha Browser + Private VPN provides fast browsing with a crypto wallet and blockchain support. Click here to jump to the main reviews.

You’re probably reading this article because you’re well aware that data breaches and online surveillance have become all too commonplace, and so, prioritizing your privacy and security while browsing the web is more important than ever. 

Whether you’re a business owner, a freelancer, or just someone concerned about your digital footprint, opting for secure internet browsing on your Android device is a smart move.

You might think that you’re safe with just your phone’s default browser and some common sense, but think again. According to recent studies, as much as 81% of mobile applications have some form of vulnerability, and that’s not even getting into the risks associated with unsecured Wi-Fi networks or potentially hazardous websites.

So what’s the solution for Android users who want to surf the web with a little peace of mind? Proxy browsers. In this guide, I’m going to walk you through the best proxy browsers for Android to help you keep your data secure and your browsing anonymous.

Are you an iOS user? Check out the best proxy browsers for iPhone instead.

Key takeaways

  • Importance of Privacy: Data breaches and online surveillance are common, emphasizing the need for secure browsing.
  • Mobile Vulnerabilities: 81% of mobile applications have vulnerabilities, highlighting the risks of unsecured browsing.
  • Proxy Browsers vs. VPNs: Proxy browsers offer speed and ease of use, while VPNs provide more comprehensive security.
  • Top Proxy Browsers:
    • UPX Browser: Free with a premium version, offers built-in VPN features, and has aggressive ads.
    • Tor Browser: Open-source, provides multi-layered encryption, and can be slower due to its security features.
    • Proxynel: Emphasizes dynamic IP switching, offers a no-logs policy, and has a straightforward user interface.
    • Private Browser: Offers a built-in VPN, has over 400 servers globally, and provides local protection features.
    • Aloha Browser + Private VPN: Offers fast browsing, no logs, unlimited traffic and speed, and includes features like a crypto wallet and blockchain support.
  • Proxy vs. VPN: Proxy browsers reroute web traffic for privacy, while VPNs encrypt all device data.
  • Ease of Setup: Most proxy browsers are user-friendly and require minimal setup.
  • Limitations: Proxy browsers may lack end-to-end encryption and can vary in service quality.

Best Android Proxy Browsers: Compared side by side

BrowserPrice Key FeaturesBuilt-in VPN?Google Play Rating
UPX Browser-Free version-$7.99-$79.99 subscription-Unblocks restricted sites-SSL encryption-Do-not-track requests-No logs-No speed or bandwidth limitations-Multiple search enginesYes4.4 (122k reviews)
Tor BrowserFree-No user data collection or sharing-Automatically clears cookies-Blocks third-party trackers and ads-Relays traffic with multiple servers-Multi-layered encryptionNo4.5 (201k reviews)
Proxynel-Free version-$4.99-$49.99 subscription-Unblocks websites-Automatic IP switching-No logs-Choose server location-No bandwidth or speed limitationsNo4.3 (436k reviews)
Private Browser-7-day free trial-$1.99-$99.99 subscription-400+ servers in over 70 locations globally-No logs-Several local protection options-24/7 customer supportYes4.9 (2.82k reviews)
Aloha Browser-Free version-$0.99-$74.99 subscription-Fast browser-No logs-Unlimited traffic and speed-Crypto wallet and blockchain support-File management-Media playerYes4.5 (190k reviews) version
-$1.15-$35 subscription
-Fast VPN
-Easy setup and advanced settings
-No logs
-Auto server and split tunneling

-Fast VPN
-Easy setup and advanced settings
-No logs
-Auto server and split tunneling

Yes4.3 (26.4 reviews)

How Does a Proxy Browser Differ from a VPN App?

If you’ve done any preliminary research about proxy browsers, chances are you’ve also encountered VPN apps for Android. At first glance, both might seem to offer the same benefits – greater privacy, secure browsing, and access to restricted content. So what sets them apart? And is one better than the other?

A Proxy Browser serves as a go-between for your device and the internet, rerouting your connection to hide your IP address. This allows for some privacy and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions on websites. Just keep in mind that it generally only secures web traffic.

A VPN, on the other hand, offers a more all-around secure experience, encrypting all data that goes in and out of your device. This is ideal for those looking for an encompassing security solution, covering not just browsing but also other apps and services.

That said, proxy browsers often have the edge in terms of speed and ease of use. They’re generally lighter on system resources and are usually simpler to set up and start using, making them a go-to for quick, hassle-free secure browsing.

How Easy Is it to Set Up and Use Proxy Browsers?

The good news is, that proxy browsers are pretty user-friendly and straightforward to use. Most come with a simple interface that requires minimal setup. Typically, you only need to install the app, open it, and you’re good to go – your web traffic will automatically be routed through a proxy server. This is probably the reason why you’re looking for proxy browsers for Android and not VPNs. It’s an easy way to enhance your online privacy without the need to dive into complicated settings or configurations.

That said, some apps do offer advanced settings for more experienced users who want to customize their experience, like choosing specific proxy locations or setting up rules for different websites.

Are there Any Limitations or Drawbacks to Using A Proxy Browser on Android?

While proxy browsers offer the convenience of quick and sometimes anonymous browsing, they do come with limitations. One of the most notable drawbacks is their limited security. Unlike a dedicated VPN service, proxy browsers usually don’t provide end-to-end encryption, making them less ideal for tasks requiring high security. 

On top of that, the quality of service can vary widely depending on the proxy browser you choose, with issues like slower connection speeds and frequent ads being common complaints from users. 

Top 6 Proxy Browsers for Android

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. A quick look at the Google Play Store shows quite a few proxy browser apps. We’ve sifted through the multitude to bring you the top 5 that are top-notch for a variety of reasons, like ease of use, the availability of advanced configurations for those who want them, and other handy features.

1. UPX Browser

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With 10M+ downloads and 4.4 stars in the Google Play Store, the UPX proxy browser app got our attention.

This app is essentially a proxy browser with a built-in VPN which works by hiding your IP address from websites you visit to remain anonymous. The proxy is free, fast, and easy to use. Right out of the box, UPX offers built-in configurations, meaning you can skip the headache of a complex manual setup. It’s perfect for users who want to unblock sites and dodge geo-restrictions, while also offering a layer of security through SSL encryption. 

Just keep in mind – it’s free. So while you can enjoy some nice VPN features, it’s not going to be as secure as a paid VPN service. And while they do offer a premium version, it doesn’t come with additional security features. 

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I found the UPX web browser fast and easy to use, and its free version packs a punch in terms of the features offered, which is what users seem to love most about the app. But users’ biggest gripe is that the ads are found to be pretty aggressive and frequent. And I personally didn’t like that the app requires you to allow tracking unless you subscribe. According to their app page, this is for advertising or marketing purposes. While other apps on our list also collect and share some data, it’s for more essential reasons.


  • VPN Proxy browser 
  • Pre-configured settings
  • Unblocks restricted sites
  • SSL encryption for security
  • Multiple search engine choices (DuckDuckGo, Google, StartPage)
  • “Do-not-track” requests
  • Cookie management
  • No speed or bandwidth limitations
  • Global server locations
  • Fast browsing
  • No logs
  • Data isn’t stored on VPN servers


UPX is free to download and use, with a premium version available as an in-app purchase. You can pay $7.99 a month or $79.99 for the year. The premium package comes with a few added benefits like faster connection speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and an ad-free browsing experience.


  • Free with premium upgrade option
  • Some VPN-like features
  • Simple Chrome browser functionality for ease of use


  • Shares some data, like in-app activity, location, app info, and device 
  • Ads can be annoying
  • Minimal VPN settings

Best Suited For

If you can get past the pesky ads, UPX Browser is a great solution that offers the best free version for proxy browsing. It keeps your online browsing secure, comes with some built-in VPN functionality, and the free version is reported to be pretty fast.

2. Tor Browser

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With over 10 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating, Tor Browser for Android is a go-to for a truly private browsing experience. Tor Browser is developed by the Tor Project and it’s open-source, meaning a community of developers is constantly improving it. 

While it’s not technically a proxy browser, it’s here on our list because it offers a more secure alternative to traditional proxies by routing your internet traffic through multiple servers, making it harder for anyone to trace your online activity back to you. This gives an extra layer of encryption and anonymity, but the process can be a bit slower as a result. With a regular proxy, your data passes through a single server, and you have to trust that provider to keep your information private. 

I can’t mention Tor Browser without also mentioning Orbot, which is not a browser but rather a proxy app that channels data from your Android’s apps—like email and messaging—through the Tor network for that extra privacy. Depending on what you want, you might find either Orbot, Tor Browser, or both to be useful tools for maintaining your online privacy.

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Speaking of privacy, unlike many other proxy browsers or VPNs for Android phones, Tor Browser is a favorite of mine because it doesn’t collect or share any user data, as you can see from the screenshot above. You can find this information in their app listing in Google Play. Every app has to disclose how it handles user data.

So, while the Tor Browser wasn’t quite as fast as other competitors on this list, that slight speed trade-off is definitely worth it if you value privacy. It also has a simple user interface with DuckDuckGo as the default search engine, and similar to the desktop version, you can configure your security level. 


  • Only mobile browser officially backed by the Tor Project
  • Blocks third-party trackers and ads
  • Automatically clears cookies after browsing
  • Prevents surveillance by hiding the websites you visit
  • Resists browser fingerprinting by making all users appear the same
  • Multi-layered encryption – relaying traffic through multiple servers
  • Unblocks restricted sites
  • Access to dark web links


Tor Browser is free to download and use. As mentioned above, it was developed by the Tor Project, a nonprofit organization. The organization does accept donations if you love the app and want to support its mission of ensuring privacy and freedom online.


  • Extensive support and resources through the Tor Project’s manual and blog
  • Free proxy browser and open-sourced
  • No data sharing or collection
  • Simple browsing experience, comparable to the desktop version


  • Can be slow
  • Some websites may block or limit access to Tor users

Best Suited For

Tor Browser is perfect for those who truly value their online privacy and security, and don’t mind the slightly slower speeds. It’s easy to use and if you want additional security for your Android device, try out Orbot in conjunction with the Tor Browser.

3. Proxynel

Proxynel proxy browser for android

Proxynel is another proxy browser we want to highlight. Like others on this list, it’s designed to unblock websites and provide anonymous browsing by dynamically changing your IP address. It specializes in bypassing geo-restrictions and offers a no-logs policy for added privacy. 

Unlike other proxy browsers out there, Proxynel puts an emphasis on dynamic IP switching to ensure anonymity and untraceability. This makes Proxynel ideal for those who need to regularly bypass internet censorship or restrictions.

Proxynel has ads, but they aren’t too annoying or intrusive. Some users have mentioned some glitches and others have reported the app running slowly, but overall users seem satisfied with what the app offers. With 10+ million downloads and a 4.3-star rating, that doesn’t come as a surprise.

Proxynel Google play store review

The screenshot above is from a recent review in Google Play from a user who was happy with the app and its simple approach.

After playing around with it for a bit, I also found Proxynel to be a straightforward proxy browser app. You’re up and running fast, and that simplicity can be both a blessing and a curse. If you’re someone who wants to browse with some anonymity and zero hassle, Proxynel is for you. But if you want more options for customization or advanced proxy settings, you’ll find it lacking.


  • Unblock websites
  • Automatic IP switching
  • No logs policy
  • Users can choose their location
  • Social media access
  • Proxy can be turned on and off
  • Multiple server locations
  • No bandwidth or speed limitations


Proxynel is free to download and use, and like most proxy browsers, they do offer a paid version ranging from $4.99-$49.99, depending on the subscription you choose.


  • Easy to use
  • Data isn’t stored on servers
  • Dark mode
  • The proxy has an on/off mode


  • Some reported glitches/crashes
  • Can be slow at times
  • Collects some user data

Best Suited For

Proxynel is ideal for users who prioritize simplicity and ease of use. They offer a no-frills approach aimed at those who just want to get to the point: anonymous browsing. With its user-friendly interface and minimal setup requirements, you can start browsing securely right away. Whether you’re new to the world of proxy browsers or simply want a hassle-free experience, Proxynel offers a straightforward solution for online privacy.

4. Private Browser (with VPN)

Private Browser Proxy browser for Android

So Private Browser isn’t quite as well-known as other apps on this list, but we’re including them because their reviews are solid (4.2 stars and 100k+ downloads) and they distinguish themselves with their unique approach to secure and anonymous web browsing.

Not only does this privacy Browser have a logless built-in VPN that hides your real IP, but it also has an impressive network of over 400 servers in more than 70 locations around the globe. They offer multiple layers of encryption for secure browsing along with local protection features like pattern locks and Touch ID. 

While they do collect some data from users, they don’t share it with third parties.

Private browser screenshot
Private browser in app screenshot
Choosing a search engine for Private Browser

When I first launch the app, I’m able to choose a server from their extensive list, and I like that I can choose the “Optimal” – meaning fastest – server available (to choose from any location, however, you’d need to subscribe). From my screenshot above, you can see the app allows you to set your local security options, like a passcode, face ID, password, and pattern, for that added security. Search engines available in the app include Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, and Baidu.

Overall, the app has some nice built-in VPN features and functionality. If you’re not sure if it’s worth the price, sign up for their 7-day free trial to try it out.


  • Hides IP address
  • 400+ servers in over 70 locations
  • Several local protection options
  • No logs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Light/Dark mode


Private Browser offers a 7-day free trial, but after that, it’ll cost $1.99 a month. Or you can pay their yearly price of $19.99 and save 16%, which comes out to $1.67 a month.


  • Fast
  • Many server locations
  • Built-in VPN functionality and features
  • Good customer support
  • 7-day free trial


  • No free version
  • Data is not shared with third parties

Best Suited For

Private Browser is a good option for users who are willing to invest in a more premium experience that comes with some extra features and customer support. It’s a secure proxy browser with VPN, they don’t share user data, and it’s a good price compared to other VPN services.

5. Aloha Browser + Private VPN


Similar to Private Browser, Aloha isn’t a proxy browser, it does bring a versatile set of features aimed at privacy and online freedom, which is why we’re including it in our list. The app has a built-in VPN service to help you bypass geo-restrictions along with robust security measures like fortified passcode protection. Interestingly, it even includes a crypto wallet for digital currency transactions and Web3.0 support for blockchain technologies. 

Again, while it’s not a proxy browser app, it can appeal to those who are looking for a multi-faceted, secure browsing experience with a broad set of features beyond just proxy capabilities. But if you’re focused primarily on anonymity and bypassing content restrictions without those additional features, a specialized proxy browser like UPX or Proxynel might be an easier and more straightforward solution. 

While Aloha does collect and share some user information, they claim in their Privacy Policy that it’s for lawful purposes and that it’s not logged.

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When starting up the app, it was easy for me to connect to the VPN, which offers some nice features like unlimited traffic and speed and DNS protection (it’s a little button next to the search engine that you can turn on and off). But what I like best about Aloha is the app’s clean and easy UI. It has a very chrome-esqueness to it that just feels familiar and intuitive (you can even customize its appearance). 

It also has an abundance of useful features, which are highlighted below.

Of all the proxy browser apps I downloaded, I kept this one around. It was also really fast. By default, the server is set to the Fastest Server option, but you can pick from servers all over the world. 

Overall, you get a lot with Aloha’s free plan, but upgrading to their paid version comes with even more features, which we’ll highlight in the pricing section below.


  • Fast private browser
  • Built-in VPN with multiple server locations
  • DNS protection
  • Unlimited traffic and speed
  • No logs
  • Crypto wallet and blockchain support
  • Ad-blocker
  • File browser and downloads manager plus Wi-Fi file sharing
  • Media player


The Aloha Browser has a free version that comes with pretty much all of their biggest features, but you can upgrade to their Premium VPN plan if you want even faster servers. Other features in the paid plan include the ability to select server country, VPN auto start mode, VPN use in your other apps, color themes and wallpaper, and some extra file management features.

The Premium VPN plan ranges from $0.99 – $74.99 depending on your subscription.


  • Lots of features
  • Can easily turn VPN on and off
  • Nice UI and easy to use
  • Not many ads in the premium version


  • Can be a bit pricier than some other options

Best Suited For

With 4.5 stars on Google Play and 10M+ downloads, Aloha Browser goes beyond just anonymity and content unblocking. The app’s VPN features, coupled with additional functionalities like a crypto wallet and ad-blocker, make it a comprehensive solution for those who want more than just a simple way to access restricted content.

6. VPN proxy browser for android

Let’s talk about While it’s not a proxy browser, this app caught my eye when it comes to VPN services (in case you want a step up in security). They’ve been around since 2012 and are 100% independent, so you don’t have to worry about them being run by some shady megacorp – this is already a win in my book. You can use whatever browser you have on your Android device, knowing that your entire online activity is being protected and anonymized by their free VPN.

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A few of their features include Multihop for enhanced security and potentially better speeds, a staunch no-logs policy ensuring absolute privacy, and easy setup with just one tap. They also support encryption protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.

Now, let’s talk speed. This app is fast (user reviews on Google Play can back me up), and that comes as no surprise. They’ve got more than 2000 servers across 75 locations. 

5yIwue3IPv06LnkP5FGiLD3IebWm4pCH4qdpBIbTncI 0zz3BRHwd4ntGbV9 gmImfNQ4tRiFWqbjGMfJAxPZ 3lof1yhWuyDs77CicT5oMDKQG9yUbm0HTjlkhMvvwmRXXV
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As you can see from my screenshots above, it’s a simple one-click setup to get going, but there are additional options you can choose from in the settings, like protocols, DNS configuration, and more, giving some additional control if you want it. I also like that has a streaming location selection option, so if I’m on Netflix and want to see a show that’s only available in another country (Japan, for example, has a much wider selection of anime than the U.S.), I can.

Overall, is a great solution. Once again, it’s a VPN app and not a proxy browser, but it offers a more robust and secure way to achieve the same goals—plus some.


  • Free VPN
  • Auto server for faster speeds
  • Auto reconnect
  • No logs
  • Multihop (entry and exit server selection for connection)
  • Unblocks websites
  • Over 2000 servers available around the globe
  • Split tunneling (select which apps to route through VPN)
  • Kill switch

Pricing is a free app that comes with a premium plan, ranging from $1.15-$35, depending on your subscription. The premium version comes with some extra VPN features like access to over 75 locations, 10 simultaneous connections, and worldwide streaming support. 


  • Easy setup, but also more advanced settings available
  • Fast speeds
  • Independent company
  • The app doesn’t collect or share data
  • Nice amount of features for free version


  • Only a VPN, not a proxy browser
  • A bit pricier than proxy browser apps

Best Suited For is a good fit for those who want to go a bit beyond the capabilities of a proxy browser. If you’re keen on upping your online privacy and security game, this VPN packs a nice lineup of features. 


For those looking for the highest level of anonymity and privacy, the Tor Browser is the gold standard, leveraging multiple layers of encryption and relays to ensure your activities remain your own. UPX Browser offers a balanced experience, incorporating both proxy and VPN features, making it ideal for users who want versatility in their browsing options.

Private Browser isn’t as well known but stands out for its impressive server list and multiple layers of encryption, targeting users who want a mix of speed and security. Proxynel is a good fit for those who favor a straightforward, no-frills proxy browsing experience.

Aloha Browser brings its own set of unique features, including a built-in VPN. It’s well-suited for users interested in a broader range of online activities, including cryptocurrency transactions, but still places a premium on privacy and security.

Each of these browsers offers something unique, allowing you to tailor your browsing experience to your specific needs and concerns. Whether you’re looking to bypass geo-restrictions, maintain anonymity, or engage in secure online transactions, there’s a browser here that’s right for you. For those who are looking to go a step beyond proxy browsers, is a VPN that offers a more comprehensive solution. 

4.9/5 - (9 votes)