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Best Rank Tracker APIs for SEO Monitoring

Best for real-time rank tracking and SEO monitoring
SE Ranking API
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Real-time rank tracking
Website audit
Effective Backlink Monitoring
Best for Large Enterprises & SEO Agencies
Accuranker API
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Dynamic Competitive Analysis
SERP analysis
Versatile Dynamic Tagging
Best for Developers and Digital Marketers
SEMRush Position Tracking API
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Backlink Analysis
Domain Reports
Keyword Reports
Best for Local SEO Data
GeoRanker API
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Rank Tracker API
Keyword API
Best for Scalability
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Keyword Data API
Backlinks API

Best Rank Tracker APIs for SEO Monitoring

Did you know that a whopping 53% of website traffic comes from organic searches? That’s right! The success of your online presence heavily relies on keyword performance. 

This is why SEO data is an absolute game-changer for marketers and website optimization teams. Thanks to rank-tracking APIs, marketing professionals can effortlessly track SEO data in real-time.

And that’s not all. Using rank-tracking APIs can supercharge your digital strategies and boost your organic traffic like never before.

So, if you are thinking of optimizing a campaign or analyzing keyword performance in search engine results, choosing the right rank-tracking API can elevate your SEO game.  But which rank-tracking API is right for you?

This guide will explore some of the best rank-tracking APIs, key features, pricing options, and how they can integrate with your systems.

Let’s begin by understanding what a rank-tracking API is.

What is Rank Tracking API?

A Rank Tracker API is a powerful tool that integrates with your existing system to monitor and analyze a website’s performance in search engine results pages (SERPs).

How Rank Tracker APIs Enhance SEO Efforts?

There are many ways in which rank-tracking APIs can significantly enhance your SEO efforts. Let’s take a close look at some of the most crucial benefits they offer

  • Real-time tracking across top search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This allows for close monitoring of your website’s SERP performance.
  • These APIs take the guesswork out of keyword research. By analyzing key metrics, they identify high-impact keywords to drive organic traffic.
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis, site audit, and PPC enables you to refine your SEO approach. 
  • Integration with digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and social media. This helps you craft and refine strategies that resonate with your audience.

Now that we know the key benefits of using these APIs. Let’s now explore some of the best rank-tracking APIs that can help you maximize your impact.

Best Rank Tracker APIs Reviewed

What makes any SEO tools like Ahrefs or Moz best? The user-friendly interface and high-value SEO stats. But there is more to the show when it comes to rank-tracking APIs.

Your website’s visibility is a mix of many features coming together to create impact. Rank-tracking APIs hold this ecosystem together, bringing you the best value for money.

SE Ranking 

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Best for: Major brands and marketing agencies that demand real-time data across multiple search engines.

First-Hand Experience With API

SE Ranking API is a clear favorite in the SEO world thanks to its numerous features. The SE ranking manages diverse websites for major brands, unlike other APIs I have checked.

Notably, its real-time tracking of keyword rankings, coupled with timely updates and white-label reports, makes it an incredibly valuable resource for ongoing SEO tasks.

So, whether you’re managing a single website or multiple ones for a large business, the SE Ranking API can be a game changer. Below is the screenshot of how keyword research request works

17I9xd0e7wYMdmxyqQS5uZQMyhnRQ3aE94lh jhfnk8qUjw3FWigGPkYPmRfqNLdfLpNBSbv1pke19dCxhQj2fbi64aHQyOfnP5lUprwTiMSFzedcGLLkdraUq 3zMTbs1RkZPQHb2Brseinpgh5Pao

While integrating, the first step is to add your website and define the keywords you want to track. With SE Ranking, you can specify the desired search engines and locations to collect location-specific ranking data.


  • Comprehensive SEO toolkit that gathers 100% accurate data from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube for any location and device.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • It can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • Certain features are locked behind higher-tier plans.


The pricing starts at $44/month, scaling up to the Business package at $191.20/month.

Free Trial

A free trial is available to test the features before committing to a subscription.


Aleyda Solis endorses SE Ranking for its potent and easy-to-use tools.

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AccuRanker API

Best for: Large enterprises and SEO agencies who require dynamic features and usability.

First-Hand Experience With API

Upon using Accuranker, the immediate takeaway is its speed. The updates are almost instantaneous, providing real-time data that is crucial for time-sensitive SEO decisions.

What I like most about Accuranker is its user-friendly interface and on-demand rank-tracking data access.

video tutorials, and comprehensive documentation that instantly gets you started with your project.

To begin using the AccuRanker API, start by selecting your preferred authentication method. Following this, you can initiate your first request. 

Here is an example of keywords and response samples.


  • Intuitive interface and usability
  • Transparent pricing
  • Comprehensive API documentation


  • Higher price point for premium features
  • No credit card is required for a free trial


You can track 1,000 keywords for $116 monthly.

Free Trial

A 14-day free trial is available. 

Review: AccuRanker Through the Eyes of an SEO Strategist

Hazal Özşahin, the Lead SEO Strategist at SEO Sherpa, speaks highly of AccuRanker, citing it as a pivotal tool in their SEO toolkit. o5C3tC aZdzzT JxvQERzSW1qxAbgs BFh5O5 tm7Tr105S3GMYMRzMJpQy2rNaUSyIxH UUdYAjsYsBFMeg0vLh4bwZ2NTOe7ScUO7EXIi7mInrKz5w4bFt N Rpth 6S4m5oJcO6V725oN7CRsJWI

SEMRush Position Tracking API

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Best For: Small to Large businesses and marketers focused on SEO. 

First-Hand Experience With SEMRush API

SEMRush, a key player like Ahrefs in the SEO world, offers two APIs: Standard API package and traffic analytics API. Besides its thorough analytics, I like the diverse features it offers with these APIs. 

However, the API subscription offers limited units.

But the best part? The analytics API provides customizable solutions to integrate SEO data, including domain reports, keyword reports, and backlinks, into various applications. As shown in the screenshot, the list of existing projects and request examples.

1lICjR2Zl 2L3y eZlq0wQWnFnOCy3A4jxQR8r5MVe37iBcWhIvwAwiJd1T9TdObR94MnlNaYfOfOf2kLvtcZQwPzwb5w7RnfwmXkJBEoOBRjlGpi7xF3NgeMXseAkpE yYyg22HsN EIKLouvkG230


  • Comprehensive SEO data access.
  • Traffic Analytics report allows for comparing up to 200 domains in one request, with detailed analysis for up to 5 domains at a time.


  • 10,000 requests per month.
  • A business subscription is required to access the API.


SEMRush pricing starts at $129.95 per month. You can access SEMrush API only if you have a business subscription worth $499.95/month.

Free Trial

SEMRush offers a free trial with account details.


SEMRush has been instrumental in elevating the online visibility of Sam The Concrete Man.

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Best for: Businesses and SEO professionals requiring high-volume, local SEO data, and SERP analysis.

First-hand Experience With API

Using GeoRanker API brings reliable and fast access to local ranking data.  Another highlight is API integration enhances SEM results for clients by providing robust features and quick data.

What I like most about GeoRanker API is it excels in diverse SERP analysis, offering:

  • Organic: Standard search listings.
  • Top Story: Trending news highlights.
  • Local Pack: Nearby business listings.
  • Answer Box: Quick, direct answers.
  • Maps: Location-based results.
  • Featured Snippet: Summarized website responses.
  • People Also Ask: Related user queries.

Integrating your products or custom tools with GeoRanker is all about making your data work for you in one easy spot. 


  • Access to data from SERPs: Google, Bing, Baidu, YouTube, Yahoo, and Naver for both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Fast delivery of accurate ranking data


  • Higher costs for small businesses or startups.
  • The learning curve for new users.


The pricing starts at $300 – $750 for up to 750,000 monthly requests.

Free Trial

 A 7-day free trial is available.


GeoRanker is commended for transforming local keyword data into strategic insights, helping businesses climb the SEO ladder effectively.

Wy ZoKwdToQAWk2Npqi6khqyBEuTOnjO5FFWM WOJt5Pe9gvkIVmNungv5 rK 7Icg l9TgLjGjkeY4xcc0qZKvABrBR219RgnC3wDqUbIHhNyMq6isj 7PeRDbgks i1gcaH3we2AO5yZfyRAcv7gE

DataForSEO’s Rank Tracker API

zAQBZ77f4zsl0gMhDcgu5g6Mhpw4 2SBzP4axI23O6FFEl0TuNSUablh0PH4 ZtTt0USBpa69HF7k06NV1RziIesUsFlZ8tao3j5xON8h6kPTw1G0pBh1VhqbS Q3SHo753 p1F5zumy4panTJpf5Us

Best For: Businesses and SEOs that demand scalable access to SERP data.

First-Hand Experience With API

DataForSEO’s Rank Tracker API is the pinnacle tool for SEO professionals and developers who need real-time SERP data at scale. I like how it brings ease and efficiency to the table. Just like the best APIs in the list, the robust SERP rank checker delivers the most current results for YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu search engine results pages. 

Begin your journey by creating and adding account credentials to the dashboard to access APIs. You can find samples and tutorials on the API page. Here’s a take on reliable and speedy delivery of SERP data.

0ySyrrmTPQJsbqrJkO72pYS VQC2H6RdNJNysPS7kujshm8cUWsX35Im4rKY dlkAAo6UcH7Sj9Zx 9LcqQZaiyk0gTLNwQWmLvQugP8G fIQAjgXJO0JXD7zRqPTPFYZGe8s8NH6JXt4253RviDXuk


  • Rapid turnaround time for data requests.
  • Strong ethical standards in data collection.


  • It may require technical expertise for integration.
  • Variable costs based on the use.


Flexible pricing with a focus on cost reduction and operational efficiency.

Free Trial

The platform offers full access to its powerful data suite.


According to Knon Kim, Twinword Inc. won 35% more paid customers using DataForSEO. 

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Best For: Agencies and SEO professionals seeking rank tracking globally and locally.

First-Hand Experience With Nightwatch 

Nightwatch is a first-class tracking API for agencies and SEOs to boost online visibility. I like the interface and Visuals of SEO progress that can enhance user understanding and strategy development.

Another highlight is that API access provides detailed insights on keyword positions, on-page SEO, and more. Below is the screenshot of the List of keywords that you can access on the API page.

t27PiwTBks7ZUCLr mcqM5lZIUH4mUVjKDX9fsah7ZtueW 9j8j4noOo9WnKpT5Czo MUo6WP4ghDf3IBJXEYmIm5Z 8HdY5u4YK9Hq02UEYFxwOY8wGl9mwE01WQVgReSu4r5U9I1myCzKL ReTzw

While it may not provide diverse features like other APIs I have reviewed, it also supports search engine results for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube.


  • Highly accurate local and global rank tracking.
  • Automated reporting with Google Analytics and Search Console integration.


  • It might be overwhelming for beginners due to its extensive features.
  • The API access is only available on optimize and agency plans.


Starts at $39/month for tracking 250 keywords.

Free Trial

The platform offers a 14-day free trial.


Nightwatch is praised for its precision in rank tracking and diverse features set at competitive prices.

Kn5yFafr2FQ9AIOktVzWK8T0uLchF4HYjvunnbjly8x7m4dJ7DU8W5V053O5iZGzDoa2wYcyUn5BA 0p2dIXXotn2UGvgkGm8UbyB8HY5YBX6mHakF C3IRCt d6ti4z kV0L82tlcTjgNNm4k2XnR8

Rank Ranger API

Best For: Agencies and marketers needing in-depth competitor analysis across multiple search engines.

First-Hand Experience With API

Rank Ranger is the best API for all things SEO. The Tracking data is available in formats like XML and JSON.

WIrPUAmmXr6 kJp2pLcCwOr61GFMdYH75VjAuWop7Tbpk45f6IrYOvMytbe4jxOPcVXYVLiCaX3eaa 232jsoByPF2W e33sknl3ZcUSFyE Txr 45wB6NyzTCReM0hwZHix5 U9b7 IKipEdVJJS6MYou can easily track desktop and mobile SERPS data. Like the best rank trackers in the list,  API integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, Google Adwords.

One standout feature I like is the top-rank competitors’ option. It offers deep insights into the competitive landscape with the Rank Top 50 or Rank Top 100 API.


  • Daily, weekly, or monthly data updates.
  • Access to Google SERP features.


  • It can be complex for beginners.
  • Advanced features may come at a higher cost.


The pricing starts with the LITE package at $79/month.

Free Trial

A 14-day full-access free trial is available.


Radomir B. integrated Rank Ranger API a decade ago for quality features and support.


Best for: Agencies and SEO professionals seeking an affordable and feature-rich rank-tracking API.

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First-hand Experience With the API

SheerSEO’s Rank API is designed for seamless integration with platforms like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. For the developers, it is easy to see examples of rank code from their API page.


I like the fact that API supports rank tracking for both mobile and desktop, with localization options for over 40 countries.

The best part? It is affordable. It provides accurate and rapid Google/Bing rank tracking at a competitive cost.


  • Accurate local and global rank tracking API for Google and Bing.
  • Offers pay-per-use and monthly plans for flexibility in pricing.


  • It may require some technical know-how to integrate API fully.


With pay-per-use credits for occasional needs or monthly plans for consistent tracking, it has a promising value for any commitment level.

Free Trial

A free trial is available, assuring new users of the system’s effectiveness.


Endorsed by more than 50,453 users, SheerSEO boasts a strong track record of customer satisfaction.

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Authority Labs Rank Tracking

Best for: Small businesses seeking a budget-friendly tool for keyword tracking.

First-hand Experience With API

The AuthorityLabs Interface API provides a direct gateway to manage domains and keywords, ensuring a smooth transition and interaction akin to the web interface. Below is the screenshot of the keyword rank resource.

Uswj6HCIBnNV9x2dkrDp YA0HU aarubA07NM6bOA Oor6mOG

An API key from your account is necessary for authentication. I like the user-friendly interface and pricing structure. You only have to pay for the features you use.


  • Extensive interface API access.
  • 100 results for each keyword in JSON format.


  • API integration is exclusive to the Enterprise package.


At $49/month, it offers tracking for 250 keywords, 50 domains, and local and mobile insights.

Free Trial

A free trial is offered for new users to experience the service.


This is what Calin H., SEO director has to say about Authroity Labs.

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Best Rank Tracker APIs: Side-by-Side Comparison

PlatformKey FeaturesStarting PriceIntegrationsSupported Platforms
SE Ranking APIInstant rank tracking, Website audits, and Backlink analysis.From $44.00/monthGoogle Search Console, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, and Zapier. Google, Bing, Yahoo.
Accuranker APICompetitor insights, SERP analytics, Tagging system.From $116/month,Swydo, Databox, and Adobe Analytics.Google, Bing, Yahoo. 
SEMrush Position Tracking APIBacklink analysis, Domain Reports, Keyword reports.API add-on: $490/monthGoogle Search Console, Automated Data Connector App, and Analytics Narratives AppGoogle and Bing.
GeoRanker APIHigh-volume local SEO and SERP analysis.$300 – $750/monthLookers, Databox, and Tableau. Google, Bing, Baidu, YouTube, Yahoo, Yandex, Amazon, Sogou, Daum. 
DataForSEO Rank Tracker APIReal-time SERP data, Ethical data scraping.Pay-as-you-goGoogle sheets, Google data studio.Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu SERP APIs. 
NightwatchPrecise tracking, Analytics, Website optimization.From $39/monthGoogle analytics and Google search console. Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo.
Rank Ranger APISERP feature tracking, Competitor analysis, and Keyword research.From $79/monthGoogle Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdwordsGoogle, Google Maps, Google Mobile, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu.
SheerSEO APIRank tracking, SERP tracking, and Local Google rankings.From $49/monthGoogle Search Console and Google Analytics.Google and Bing.
Authority Labs Rank Tracking APILocal and Mobile tracking, and Daily updates.From $49/monthS3 buckets, Google storage, BigQuery, Google Data Studio, and AWS Elasticsearch.Google and Bing.

Choosing the Right Rank Tracker API for Your Needs

Every SEO project is unique, but organic results do require some efficient capabilities. If you are thinking of selecting an API, look for the key factors, such as

Factors to Consider When Selecting an API

  • Scalability: The API must efficiently handle growing data needs as your business expands.
  • Data Accuracy: Ensure the API features deliver reliable, current ranking information.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Opt for an intuitive, well-documented API for ease of integration and use.

API Integration and Customization

  • Integration: The API should seamlessly fit into your existing setup for a smooth workflow.
  • Customization: Flexibility to tailor the API to your specific SEO needs is crucial, allowing control over relevant data and metrics.

User Reviews and Case Studies

Phanum, a collective of global freelancers, achieved remarkable results for a Dutch e-commerce client using SE Ranking.

GnA1zqmEn3M5m4i7PHgLMEpVHhl 4h9pmY hrGm9VnIjMFumjlwa MDajomoLOnoD0KDILnxH pZtUn9OgKVZJfkdwvj7vUK4o esJujtkjIETICvlpm6lpB2zE SodCRj2uSYFSlIE jDlsG ZGuIk

By leveraging SE Ranking’s comprehensive tools, they successfully revamped the client’s website structure, optimized content, and enhanced on-page SEO.

BnpGUmrXaUnOn4UcwqObyP0LqpxVqbT5KvYXuj 3iOFH9QZ6 lp0yRpRSrQ3wuaaTqCU Cqnjc8JhSzhlim3x5vOXZSmC56VHO6YqKcrLMeNoqe MuN7KN4dE

User Testimonials

AbWXVDdLpliQCgXYXd80P8Q63molkvcx8CSmZU7pRiyZliIJ2 Wio7C c3mJzh47vDExaOCyqRngqa yw8AFuzu5vYJxaS5banikYtwu wu5L5aQbWl08BszsXw2bCpv97RUj69DkOCuQ gXNFHiP Y


So, the key takeaway from this review is that you need a pro or enterprise subscription to access API (in most cases), but it’s worth it.

Each API offers unique benefits, so select one that aligns with your needs. Explore these powerful tools further by signing up for a free trial of rank trackers like SE Ranking or Accuranker. If you want to access more features, try APIs like DataforSEO for free.

We hope you get the best value for money.


How can a Keyword Rank Tracker API Enhance Current SEO Tools and Platforms?

By integrating a keyword rank tracker API, current SEO tools and platforms gain real-time insights into keyword performance. This enhances keyword strategy, allows for timely adjustments, and offers a comprehensive view of search engine rankings, contributing to more effective SEO campaigns.

What is the Frequency of Keyword Volume Updates in a Rank Tracker?

A Rank Tracker typically updates keyword volume once a month, ensuring you have access to the latest search trends and keyword popularity data to inform your SEO strategy.

Will the Project Data Gathered in a Rank Tracker Remain Accessible Post Subscription?

Generally, once a Rank Tracker subscription ends, access to actively collected project data may be restricted. However, if you downloaded projects while your subscription was active and it’s been less than 30 days since the export, you can still access and download these reports.

How to Correctly Add a List of Keywords to a Rank-tracking Project?

To add keywords to a rank-tracking project, first access your project dashboard. Then, find the section for keyword management or tracking. You can manually input keywords or import a list from a file. Ensure correct formatting like .csv, .xls, .xlsx, and tagging for efficient monitoring and analysis.

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