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A Guide to the Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools and Services (Free and Paid)

Best for Comprehensive Email Lookups
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Powerful email lookup tool
Great for salespeople and finding leads
Searches social networking sites and public records
Best for Investigating Fraud/Spam
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Comprehensive reverse email lookup tool
Useful for investigating potential spam or fraud emails
Helps in researching business contacts and online dating matches
Best for Quick searches
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Search names, emails, phone numbers, or addresses
Find out what social media sites your leads are on
Very quick search
Best for Sales & Marketers
Reverse Contact
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Ideal for converting anonymous sign-ups into customers
Slick modern interface for looking up email addresses
Append company or contact details to CRM records via their API
Best for Casual reverse email lookups
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Free people search engine
Offers reverse email and phone lookup
Collects data from social media and public records

A Guide to the Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools and Services (Free and Paid)

In a rush? Here are the top 5 reverse email lookup services:

In today’s interconnected world, email addresses are more than just digital contact points—they are gateways to a wealth of information about individuals. Whether you’re a business looking to verify leads, a professional seeking to reconnect with old colleagues, or someone trying to identify the sender of a suspicious email, knowing how to dig deeper can be invaluable. This is where reverse email lookup tools come into the picture.

Reverse email lookup tools are specialized platforms that allow you to uncover a plethora of details behind an email address. From social media profiles and public records to criminal histories and more, these tools offer a comprehensive view of the person on the other end of the email. In both B2B and B2C contexts, these tools can be game-changers. 

In this article, we’ll explore the best reverse email lookup tools of 2023. We’ll break down their features, pricing structures, and the pros and cons of each, helping you find the ideal tool for your specific needs. Let’s dive in!

Reverse Email Lookup Tools: Compared side by side

Tool NameKey FeaturesPricing StructureProsCons
Been VerifiedPowerful email lookupSearches social networks and public records$1 for 7-day trial$26.89/month or $52.44/quarterlyGreat pricingAccurate dataQuick reportsNo free plan
Truthfinder– Comprehensive lookup
– Useful for investigating spam or fraud emails
$1.99 for 7-day trial$29.73/monthComprehensive reportsVersatile use-casesLess in-depth compared to competitors
SpokeoSearches names, emails, phone numbersFinds social media sitesSingle report for $1$19.95/month or $14.95/month (quarterly)Quick searchIntuitive interfaceNot good for non-social media accounts
Reverse ContactSearches emails va OSINT algorithmsOffers API integrationFree trialBasic plan for $99/monthPro plan for $299/monthOrBusiness plan for $999/monthModern interfaceTransparent pricing structureNot many additional features outside of reverse email lookup
TruePeopleSearchFree search engine Offers reverse email and phone lookupFreeFree to useSimple search processInformation may be inaccurateFrustrating pop-ups

Best Reverse Email Lookup Tools and Services

1. Been Verified

  • Powerful email lookup tool
  • Great for salespeople and finding leads
  • Searches social networking sites and public records

BeenVerified is our top pick for reverse email lookup tool, thanks to its powerful suite of features and massive scanning capabilities. The app searches social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to pull together as much data as possible about an email. 

Been Verified - top reverse email lookup tool

As a result, it can often show you more information about your target than some of the other picks on our list. Since BeenVerified pays for bulk public data, it saves you hours that you would otherwise spend doing detective work yourself. It is well worth the price, considering the fact that you get so much data consolidated in a helpful report.

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You will have to pay to unlock the report, but once you do, you’re presented with plenty of helpful information. If you’re a salesperson researching leads, this tool is especially useful. 

I input my business email address, and BeenVerified was quick to locate it everywhere it was mentioned on the web, providing the name of the company, and the company’s phone number. Not surprisingly, all of the information was correct and up to date.


BeenVerified offers more features in its interface than any other pick on our list. You can download your report as a PDF and sort the information based on specific criteria. Plus, you can even set up monitoring, so that you’ll be notified of any changes in the report.

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BeenVerified only charges you $1 for a 7-day trial membership, or $5 if you want access to PDF reports. After that, you’ll have to pay for a subscription plan.

You can opt for the monthly subscription plan, which costs $26.89 per month. Or you can go with the quarterly plan, which will cost $52.44 every three months.

Pros and cons of BeenVerified


  • Great pricing structure
  • Accurate data
  • Quickly generates reports


  • No free plan is available

2. Truthfinder

  • Comprehensive reverse email lookup tool
  • Useful for investigating potential spam or fraud emails
  • Helps in researching business contacts and online dating matches
  • Find social media profiles associated with the email

TruthFinder stands out as a versatile reverse email lookup service with a focus on depth and detail. The platform is designed to help you investigate suspicious emails, research business contacts, and even vet online dating matches. It digs deep into various databases to provide you with as much information as possible about the email address you’re investigating.

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If you’re in the business world, TruthFinder can be a valuable asset. Whether you’ve just attended a conference or are updating your business Rolodex, the service can help you identify the person behind an email address without the awkwardness of asking them directly.

You can look up as many email addresses as you want within the trial period, or set up a monthly plan to look up data regularly. If you’re a salesperson, the subscription is well worth it to get to find out the names and addresses of your leads.

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You can start a trial of Truthfinder for just $1.99, but after seven days, you’ll need to upgrade to a monthly subscription, which is $29.73 per month.

Pros and cons of Truthfinder


  • Comprehensive and in-depth reports
  • Versatile use-cases
  • Positive customer testimonials


  • Not as in-depth as some of their competitors

3. Spokeo

  • Search names, emails, phone numbers, or addresses
  • Find out what social media sites your leads are on

Spokeo is a powerful reverse email lookup tool that also comes with a plethora of handy features like address, phone number, and court records search. It can help you identify the owner of an email account or look up pertinent information.

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However, as powerful as Spokeo claims to be, it has a serious limitation: it only locates email addresses that are tied to social media accounts. If you are looking for someone who is active on websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc., then you’ll have no problem digging them up via Spokeo.

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The issue arises when you want to locate someone who is absent from social media. If you’re researching a lead or someone who is not on any social networks, Spokeo won’t find them.

I tested out two of my email accounts—one I use for business that I don’t connect to anything and one that I use for social media accounts. Spokeo found me via Facebook fairly quickly but was unable to locate my business email.

So, it is safe to say that it might not be the best tool if you’re primarily searching for less technically inclined businesses or people. When it does find information, however, Spokeo will ask for payment before you proceed. You’ll need to spend some money to find out if the information is actually legitimate or if it is useless. We invested in it for the purpose of this review to see what kind of data was available.

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You can unlock a single report for around a dollar. Or you can sign up for a subscription service if you want to run more searches. 

There are three main pricing plans offered by Spokeo. In Spokeo’s monthly plan, the price starts at $19.95. Spokeo’s quarterly plan costs $14.95 per month.

A Professional plan is available for $69.95 per month to businesses and those who perform more than 100 searches a month.

Pros and cons of Spokeo


  • Very quick search
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Searches over 120 social networks


  • Not good for searching accounts not on social media.
  • Need to pay to access reports.

4. Reverse Contact

  • Ideal for converting anonymous sign-ups into customers
  • Slick modern interface for looking up email addresses
  • Append company or contact details to CRM records via their API

Reverse Contact is a standout choice for businesses aiming to leverage reverse email lookup to convert anonymous sign-ups into valuable customers. RQlB0j7np7r2qiJEO3I25eQJ5leeiktfvBr0cClXEYXOsvalTrhfgPU4mAkbk75NHEQRgjbcaDTLupaED3bZLce8KfmK8sq5VdvA SWNnyXvgSUr56pqX2E3h1Ts

The tool shines when it comes to identifying the business value behind an email address. For instance, if someone signs up on your website, Reverse Contact can quickly determine if this individual is a high-value prospect worth your time and resources. It does this by linking personal emails to business opportunities and associating them with LinkedIn profiles and other professional data. This is a boon for anyone in sales or marketing.

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Compared to many other reverse email lookup tools, the interface is clean, simple, and modern. The only drawback is that the company does not maintain any databases—instead, all information is gathered from Open Source Intelligence algorithms. So, it might not have access to as much data as some of the other picks on our list.

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Reverse Contact offers a “try first, pay later” approach, giving you 20 free credits to test out the service. Once you’re convinced, you can opt for one of their tiered pricing plans. 

The Basic plan costs $99 per month and provides 2,000 credits, which works out to $0.05 per credit. This plan includes features like real-time data gathering, API access, and various integrations. If you’re looking for more, the Growth plan is available at $299 per month for 10,000 credits. 

For businesses with extensive needs, the Enterprise plan offers 100,000 credits for $999 per month. 

Pros and cons of Reverse Contact


  • Real-time data enrichment capabilities
  • Intuitive interface
  • Transparent pricing model


  • OSINT method of data retrieval means it can miss important information
  • Does not offer additional features, like name, address, or phone number lookup
  • Free people search engine
  • Offers reverse email and phone lookup
  • Collects data from social media and public records

TruePeopleSearch is another option for those looking to find information about individuals, including their email addresses. Unlike other platforms, TruePeopleSearch offers its services for free, making it accessible to anyone who needs to find lost friends or relatives. However, after testing it thoroughly, we found it to be one of the more unreliable options on our list.eyTDHDuvrNI6JKeMdSeZNcHGZifOTLQylKkQ4LBIXk

The search process is straightforward: you visit the TruePeopleSearch website and input the individual’s email, name, or other identifying information. The platform also offers reverse phone lookup, although it outsources this service to Intelius and BeenVerified.

The report is generated rather quickly. But on closer inspection, it does not appear to be nearly as accurate as its competitors. After inputting my own email address and several others, I was only provided with false information. Your mileage may vary, but we’re keeping this one at the bottom of the list.

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The saving grace of TruePeopleSearch is that it is free to use. While the service is free, it generates revenue through ads on its website. This can lead to some annoying experiences with constant pop-ups and accidentally opening unrelated websites. 

Given the fact that it provided mostly inaccurate information during our testing, we think the low price of free is justified. It is more of a casual reverse email lookup tool rather than something you should rely on for business purposes.

Pros and cons of Truepeoplesearch


  • Free to use
  • Simple search process
  • Offers multiple ways to look people up


  • Information may be inaccurate
  • Frustrating pop-ups


What is a reverse email lookup?

A reverse email lookup is a digital tool that allows you to find information about an individual or business based on their email address. Inputting an email into the search bar scans various databases, social media platforms, and public records to provide a comprehensive profile of the person or company behind the email.

Why would someone need a reverse email lookup tool?

People use reverse email lookup tools for all sorts of reasons. They are most commonly used in a B2B or B2C environment for tracking down leads. Some may want to verify the identity of a new contact or find out more about a potential business partner. Others might use it to reconnect with old friends or even to investigate suspicious or spammy emails. The tool offers a quick way to gather information without extensive research.

What are the top free reverse email lookup tools available?

The leading free reverse email lookup tools include TruePeopleSearch or the free trials of apps like Reverse Contact. These platforms offer basic information such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. While they may not provide as comprehensive data as paid options, they are useful for casual, preliminary searches.

What are the leading paid reverse email lookup tools in the market?

BeenVerified and Truthfinder are among the top paid reverse email lookup tools. These platforms offer in-depth reports that include social media profiles, criminal records, and more. They are ideal for those who require detailed and accurate information. You can often download your reports as PDFs for offline use.

How do free and paid tools differ in terms of accuracy and features?

Free tools generally offer basic information and may not be as accurate or up-to-date as paid options. Paid tools, on the other hand, provide comprehensive reports, often including criminal records, social media profiles, and other advanced features. Paid tools also tend to be more accurate and reliable. Many free tools will use ads to support their site, making the browsing experience less user-friendly.

What are the primary features to consider when choosing a reverse email lookup tool?

You should consider the depth of the search, speed of results, and user interface. Additional features like criminal record checks and social media scans can also be valuable. Pricing and customer reviews are other important factors to weigh. Think about what you want to use the tool for and check to see if it has those features.

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