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A Guide to the Best B2B Data Enrichment Tools in 2024

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Best for Businesses of all sizes
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Quick to get up and running
Great customer support
Backed by machine learning and human QA technicians
Best for Overall Data Enrichment
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Clear, easy-to-use dashboard
No fluff - a small number of quality features
Free tier will get you far
Best for Enterprise
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Easy to get started
Very low cost and generous free tier
Excellent support
Best for Small Business
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One of the largest contact databases around
Dedicated customer support
Integrates easily with other apps
Best for Mid-to-large companies
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Rich feature set for running email marketing campaigns
Integrates easily with other platforms

A Guide to the Best B2B Data Enrichment Tools in 2024

Delve into this content because it’s your roadmap to the leading B2B data enrichment solutions, ensuring you harness the full potential of business data.

B2B data enrichment is the process of improving data points about your customers. Many business owners struggle with poor quality or incomplete contact data and lead data, which hampers decision-makers who need accurate and up-to-date data to make sound business decisions. It also makes outreach challenging and time-consuming.

At the same time, the process of manually cleaning and enriching your customer data can feel daunting. Integrating data from multiple data sources is a headache and leads to siloed information and inconsistencies.

That’s where data enrichment tools come in. These tools automate the process of enriching customer data and updating contact information so you can be sure you always have the most accurate and up-to-date information. We’ve put together this list of the best data enrichment tools available in 2024 to help you decide which data enrichment software solution is right for you.

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Best B2B Data Enrichment Tools for 2023

We’ve evaluated the following data enrichment services across a range of criteria, including feature set, pricing, compatibility with leading apps, user-friendliness, customer support, API integration availability, whether a free trial is available, and customer reviews.

Let’s dive in!

1. Clearbit – Best for Businesses of All Sizes

Clearbit b2b data enrichment dashboard

Clearbit is a powerful data enrichment API backed by machine learning and a rigorous human-led QA process that guarantees data accuracy. They are one of the best-known data enrichment companies around and have high data quality.

The user dashboard is clear and intuitive. They offer a free Chrome extension that installs easily and can be used on websites like LinkedIn to enhance data in real time. Their API integration allows access to all their endpoints and supports official client bindings for Ruby, Node, Python, Go, and Java.


  • Backed by machine learning and supported by rigorous QA
  • Data is guaranteed fresh
  • API is well-documented and integrates seamlessly with many languages


  • Pricey
  • No mobile app

Customer Reviews

“Clearbit is a good platform to get quality B2B data for new business development. Being a part of the sales team I need to work on new data all the time in order to get more new business. I am using Clearbit because the quality of data they have is great.”

“Clearbit is an amazing marketing data engine or platform. It is so simple that I can able to see the results or desired contact information in just one click with their Google Chrome extension.

“Wow, awesome tool for sales and marketing team.”

Pricing and Usage Limits

Clearbit’s pricing tiers are straightforward and reasonable. A generous free tier allows you the ability to de-anonymize site traffic, determine ideal prospect profiles, and enrich email address data through the API.

A business-level tier is offered with customized pricing plans for those businesses needing more support. Contact Clearbit for pricing options or to request a free demo.

Best for businesses of all sizes

2. AbstractAPI Company Enrichment API – Best for Firmographic Data

AbstractAPI b2b data enrichment for companies

AbstractAPI’s Company Enrichment API provides firmographic information for companies in over 175 countries. The simple but powerful REST API includes clear documentation and is backed by excellent customer support.

This API cannot be used to look up email addresses for specific employees – rather, it returns information like company headcount, headquarters location, year founded, and the company’s industry. CSV upload is available for bulk queries, or the API can be used for one-off requests. The API is backed by bank-level security and the data is updated weekly.


  • Generous free tier and low cost for priced tiers
  • Clear documentation and good support
  • REST API is fast, secure, and powerful


Customer Reviews

“Love the simplicity and the pre-built code snippets.”

“Lots of beneficial tools here that every maker should be bookmarking and using.”

“This is nice. Well executed. I was fiddling with the idea for a long. Have signed up. Sharing one Lookup API idea which I had made. All the best. Looking forward to more lookup APIs. 👍”

Pricing and Usage Limits

Abstract API offers free credits that can be used to test out any of their API services. Once you reach your free credit limit, plans start at $9/month for up to 3000 requests and range up to $399/month for 100,000 requests.

Best for: firmographic data

3. Datanyze – Best for Real-Time Enrichment


Datanyze offers a Google Chrome extension that provides real-time data enrichment on the places companies prospect most. They also provide an “icebreakers” tool that surfaces relevant news, trends, and other tidbits sourced from social media and online publications to help make initial outreach more personal.

Contact lists can be easily managed with the Datanyze user interface, and tagged and categorized for easy export to CSV. The company does not offer an API. Some customers have reported that data is not as accurate as it is with other products on this list.


  • Icebreakers surface relevant information to make cold outreach warmer
  • Flexible pricing means it’s easy to upgrade or add more credits as your team grows
  • Free to get started


  • Not possible to sign up without a business email address
  • Data sometimes inaccurate

Customer Reviews

“The best part of datanyze is the fact that I am able to see my the marketing automations, revenue and analytics that my prospects are using to help me better market to them.”

“Sometimes Datanyze has outdated information in terms of contacts that are no longer with an organization.”

“I also like Datanyze’s easy to use interface in which everyone can handle this tool easily. I also like Datanyze’s customer support team and they are very responsive and supportive.”

Pricing and Usage Limits

Datanyze offers a generous 90-day free trial with 10 free lead enrichment credits per month. There are only two paid tiers: $21/month for 960 credits per year, and $35/month for 1920 credits per year.

Best for: quick enriching through LinkedIn or other sites via the Chrome extension

4. Hunter – Best Overall

hunter offers email lookup and data enrichment through email. Enter an email into the minimalist dashboard to get data like job titles, phone numbers, social media handles, and more. Or enter a person’s full name and company to look up their email address.

Hunter’s interface is incredibly simple and easy to use because these are their two main offerings and they put them front and center. I found it to be the easiest service to get up and running. Sign up for a free account, tell Hunter what you want to do, and you’ll land on a dashboard with a single input to do exactly that.

Hunter also provides a simple email verifier input and a list of bulk options. All of the interfaces from this are extremely clear and simple.


  • Large database
  • User-friendly dashboard that is clear and easy to use
  • Generous free tier


  • The “Author Finder” feature was discontinued
  • Some data inaccuracies
  • The price is higher than other services on the list

Customer Reviews

“I work with Hunter daily as part of the marketing process for one of my clients. This tool helps me find corporate emails that I use to send marketing campaigns to prospect clients.”

“’s continuous addition of new features and excellent customer support make it a top choice for anyone seeking an efficient and accurate email-hunting tool.”

“Unfortunately Hunter does not work all the time. Oftentimes the emails that it reveals are generic or out-of date/not correct. Free plan can be restrictive at times.”

Pricing and Usage Limits

The Free Plan gives you 25 search credits and 50 email verification credits per month. From there, plans start at $49/month for up to 500 searches and 1000 verifications, up to $499/month for 50,000 searches and 100,000 verifications.

Best for: small to mid-size teams and startups

5. Zoominfo – Best for Enterprise


Zoominfo is a fully-featured marketing solution that offers far more than just simple email enrichment. They also have solutions for sales automation, cross-channel advertising, talent search, company branding, and more.

Their data enrichment services are part of their OperationsOS, which provides data cleansing, enrichment, lead routing, and lead scoring. Data is enriched from multiple sources and seamlessly deduplicated and integrated with automated waterfall logic.

The service is not easily testable and the major pain point with this solution is that it requires talking to one of their specialists in order to get up and running. Small teams and businesses might find their offerings overkill and the barrier to entry too steep to want to bother with.


  • Rich feature set that automates away almost all data management, sales processes, and marketing concerns
  • Transparent security and privacy standards
  • High data quality, sourced from multiple streams


  • Cannot even view pricing without signing up for an account
  • Not easy to get up and running or test the service

Customer Reviews

“I’m a big fan of ZoomInfo SalesOS for its ease of organization and contact identification. All of the curated information and data available is far superior to competitive options, making it the top choice for my company.”

“I have used several other sales intelligence platforms, but ZoomInfo is by far the best. It has definitely increased my sales prospecting quality. ZoomInfo helps me find hard to locate people inside of a company. The listed contact information is very reliable and extremely helpful. Often I find several decent contacts through LinkedIn, But ZoomInfo goes so much deeper.”

“Zoominfo is able to provide me with information about my prospects such as their title, job history, email, phone number and much more. This makes my job much easier. The amount of data and the general accuracy of everything you find is quite astonishing. On top of that, it is able to integrate almost seamlessly with other Sales tools such as Sales Navigator and Salesforce.”

Pricing and Usage Limits

Contact ZoomInfo for pricing information

Best for: Enterprise

6. LeadGenius – Best for Mid-Market and Enterprise


LeadGenius combines 3 traditionally separate categories: B2B Data, Data Outsourcing, and Robotic Process Automation into one powerful solution. They enable access to hard-to-source, contact, and account datasets from LATAM, APAC, EMEA, AMER, and ANZ.

Their signal intelligence service alerts you when an account in your target audience starts engaging with one of your competitors. Buying intent alerts help identify leads that are actively demonstrating intent to buy in real time.

LeadGenius offers a free Chrome extension that you can easily install to get started with their services. Beyond that, you will need to contact a representative to schedule a demo.


  • Access to hard-to-find custom data from a rich global dataset
  • Customer support that people rave about


  • Cannot even view pricing without signing up for a free demo
  • Very expensive

Customer Reviews

“LeadGenius is an amazing platform when it comes to data and contact information. It has a huge amount of data and accounts list which helps us to do new business development in a different geography.”

“I dislike only the overall pricing of LeadGenius which is high compared to other tools.”

“I like the B2B data of LeadGenius the most. They have a lot of data for B2B and I always work on B2B and that is why I like the amount of B2B data they have, It is very accurate and the best quality.”

Pricing and Usage Limits

Contact Leadgenius for pricing information

Best for: large businesses and enterprise

7. – Best Holistic Solution to Email Marketing’s API is used by companies to find emails, sync leads, enrich email data, manage prospects, and more. Snov also offers add-ons to verify emails, run drip campaigns, and improve conversion through AI-driven conversation starters.

The user interface is beautiful but a little overwhelming. They offer a lot of solutions, which can feel like they get in the way if all you want is to enrich a contact list.



  • The feature set feels like overkill if you just want to enrich data
  • Email verification isn’t always accurate
  • Some customers report inaccurate enrichment data

Customer Reviews

“I recently used for my email marketing campaign and I must say, the results were impressive. Not only I found more emails with extensive Email Finder but could quickly validate them based on various factors. Zero time lost for chasing dead-end leads!”

“Although the software is very easy to pick up, there is still a steep learning curve for novice users. There needs to be more resources for training available online.” has definitely given me a deeper understanding of my analytics. Instead of blind guesswork, I obtained some real data and could evaluate the efficacy of my email marketing campaigns.”

Pricing and Usage Limits

Snovio offers a free trial to get you started. From there, plans start at $39/month for access to basic features and range up to $738/month for 100000 API credits, unlimited users and recipients, and advanced features.

Best for: a one-stop solution to email marketing needs

8. Pipl – Best for Those Concerned With Privacy


Pipl helps businesses fill in the gaps in their customer data by providing cross-referenced data from numerous sources to create detailed digital profiles comprised of accurate data. They are one of the most privacy and security-conscious solutions on the list, with transparent TOS and explicitly stated privacy, compliance, and ethics standards.

To get started you have to request a demo, so you can’t just sign up for a free account. This is perhaps better suited for larger companies that already have some idea of what they need and don’t need to test a lot of solutions quickly.


  • Security-conscious
  • Multi-sourced, cross-referenced data
  • Easy-to-use APIs for email search and verification


  • Your IP can be blocked for sending too many searches in one day
  • Some customers report aggressive upselling
  • Data quality has been reported to be poor by some

Customer Reviews

“Finding socials such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. is very useful. Seeing connections to people (though sometimes not very strong) can also help resolve certain scenarios. Phone numbers, addresses, and previous residences can also lead to resolutions in my line of work.”

“If we talk about downside of the pipl search, that it gives multiple numbers and email id’s for the leads we have and some times after dialing all of it you will find that the all the numbers are incorrect, so i beleive they have to work on their database and provide only couple of numbers for each leads instead of multiple so that it can increase business efficiency as well.”

“The first thing that comes to mind when discussing the benefits of using Pipl is its ability to return comprehensive search results for people across a variety of social media platforms.”

Pricing and Usage limits

Pipl offers a free tier, and you can contact the company for a free demo and further pricing information.

Best for businesses concerned with data privacy

Best B2B Data Enrichment Tools: Side-by-Side Comparison

ProviderFree plan or trialOffers APIOffers additional featuresBest forBasic Price (per month)
ClearbitXXXAll-size businessesCustom
AbstractAPIXX Firmographic info only$9
DatanyzeX XReal-time enrichment$21
Hunter.ioX  Best overall$49
Zoominfo  XEnterpriseContact Zoominfo
LeadGenius   Mid-market and enterpriseContact Leadgenius
Snov.ioXXXComprehensive marketing solution$39
PiplBy requestX PrivacyContact Pipl


What is B2B data enrichment?

B2B data enrichment is the process of improving the quality of your customer data by sourcing information to fill in the gaps from third-party services. For example, if you know a person’s job title and the company they work for, but not their email, data enrichment can help you source that email and give you an ideal customer profile for that individual.

Why is data enrichment important?

Data enrichment allows you to build a better picture of your existing and potential customers and clients. This makes lead generation and cold outreach easier and helps you build stronger, more lasting relationships with your leads and customers.

Inaccurate and incomplete data lead to wasted ad spend and high bounce rates for email campaigns because your messaging is not reaching the right people. Data enrichment improves your ROI on marketing efforts and streamlines your B2C and B2B contact procedures.

What is the difference between data enrichment and data cleansing?

Data enrichment and data cleansing often go hand in hand, but the two are not quite the same thing. While the data enrichment process fills in missing information in datasets, data cleansing refers to the process of deduplicating data, removing invalid or inaccurate data, and merging high-quality datasets into a single cohesive data platform.

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