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A Guide to the Best Proxy Browsers to Unblock Websites

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Best for Mobile device usage
UPX browser
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SSL encryption
Do-not-track requests
Global servers
Best for Proxy services
Bright Data
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Proxy services
High performing proxies
Wide coverage
Best for Streaming services
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2300+ global servers
no logs
IP leak protection
Best for General daily browsing
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Built-in VPN
Social media integrations
Best for Privacy & Security features
Epic Privacy Browser
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Blocks fingerprinting
Encrypts data

A Guide to the Best Proxy Browsers to Unblock Websites

In a rush? Here are all the top unblocked proxy browsers. Click on a link to jump to that section:

  1. UPX Browser: Best for Mobile Device Usage
  2. Bright Data: Best for Proxy Services
  3. Best for Streaming Services
  4. Opera Browser: Best for General Daily Browsing
  5. Epic Privacy Browser: Best for Privacy & Security Features
  6. IPRoyal: Best for Affordable Proxies

The internet is a vast space, but sometimes it feels a bit smaller when some sites or content are blocked or restricted. Whether it’s a government, a school, or an office putting up these digital walls, many of us have experienced the frustration of not accessing the content we want.

That’s where proxy browsers come in. They help us get around these blocks and enjoy a more open web experience. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best proxy browsers, including VPNs and browser extensions that also do the trick when it comes to unblocking content.

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Best Proxy Browsers Unblocked Compared Side by Side

BrowserPrice Key FeaturesBuilt-in VPN?Best Suited For
UPX Browser-Free version-$7.99/month or $79.99 for the year plans-Proxy browser-SSL encryption-Do-not-track requests-Global serversNoProxy browser for mobile device
Bright Data-Extension is free-Proxies start at $15/GB (pay as you go plan)-Proxy services (residential, mobile, ISP, and more)-Proxy browser extension-High performing proxies-Wide coverage-Great uptimeNoProxy services version-$9.95/month for 1 month, $5/month for 3 months, and $2.88/month for 17 months paid plans-VPN service-2300+ global servers-No logs-Multihop-IP leak protection-Unlimited data transfersYesStreaming services
Opera Browser-Free version-VPN Pro is $3.99 a month-Browser with built-in VPN-Ad-blocker-Aria browser AI-Social media integrations-Data syncYesGeneral daily browsing
Epic Privacy Browser-Free-Private browser-Blocks fingerprinting-Encrypts data-Shows who’s tracking and blocks-Ad-blockerNoPrivacy and Security features
IPRoyal-Extension is free-Proxy pricing starts at $7/GB-Wide variety of proxies-Easy proxy management browser extension-Proxy switching-Extension can be used with any providerNoAffordable proxies

What is a Proxy Browser?

A proxy browser serves as an intermediary between a user’s computer and the internet, basically acting as a gateway. When you use a proxy browser, your request to access a particular website is first sent to the proxy server. This server then processes your request and retrieves the content you’re after. It then sends the information back to you. So instead of directly accessing a website, you’re accessing it through another server.

The main difference between regular browsers and proxy browsers lies in how they interact with websites. A standard browser like Chrome or Firefox will connect you directly to a site, revealing your IP address and potential location data. A proxy browser, on the other hand, masks your original IP address by routing your connection requests through a separate server, which adds an extra layer of anonymity and often allows users to bypass regional restrictions or firewalls.

While both types of browsers offer ways to surf the web, proxy browsers are especially handy when privacy is important, or when there’s a need to access content that might be restricted in certain regions or networks.

Benefits of Using an Unblocked Proxy Browser

Using a web proxy browser offers several advantages (as touched upon in the previous section). It lets you tap into geo-restricted content like exclusive anime series or region-specific videos. In terms of security, it beefs up your online privacy by masking your IP address, making it a challenge for anyone trying to trace your activities. 

Plus, if you’re in places with tight internet restrictions, like certain schools or countries, this type of browser becomes invaluable, allowing you to navigate the web without barriers. 

In short, proxy browsers are a tool that not only broadens your access but also enhances your online safety.

Risks and Considerations

Accessing the web through a proxy browser does come with some potential issues. Firstly, while they do bolster privacy, they aren’t invulnerable to security breaches. Just as with any online tool, there’s a risk of encountering potential security vulnerabilities, especially if the proxy isn’t well-maintained or reputable. 

Secondly, users should be aware of the legal landscape in their regions. In some places, using a proxy to bypass restrictions might skirt the edges of legality or even cross the line. 

Lastly, the added layer of a proxy can sometimes lead to performance hitches. Users might experience reduced speeds or occasional lags, especially when accessing data-intensive content, like video streaming or online gaming.

You’ll always want to weigh these factors when considering a proxy browser for your online activities.

Top Proxy Browsers to Consider

Now let’s dive into the top proxy browsers, focusing on the leading solutions that have consistently proven effective in unblocking content and offering unrestricted web access.

1. UPX Browser

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While it’s not available for desktops, I wanted to include UPX browser on this list because it’s a great solution for accessing restricted content on mobile devices. It’s a top-rated app with over 1 million users around the world. You can change your IP and stay anonymous while browsing the web.

Vvl1KfONXMfAty wW Rkb4pKMa3 566z7i1sOCGsgcMPXJhn1Hh6uQQP75Epeu36gxuj22tvDUwsgkhsRulqoFRZFdyWDr5pUhchrTG0lGBIUUEWwx1DRu4K0LR5F8NHm73ywP ZF39S2kgQjbynXcA
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The app is free, but as you can see from my screenshots, there is a paid version you can upgrade to that gets you a faster connection, no ads, and unlimited bandwidth. I tried out the free version, which actually comes with some standard features already. I was able to select a language and my preferred search engine (DuckDuckGo). While I am able to set “Do-Not-Track” requests from the sites and third parties, the app won’t let me turn off its own activity tracking unless I subscribe. 

One thing to note is this is a private browser on iOS and a proxy browser on Android, so for Android users, you do get a lot more in terms of features and privacy. My review was for iOS, which is a bit more limited.


  • Proxy browser (Android), private browser (iOS)
  • Unblocks restricted content
  • SSL encryption for security
  • Various search engine options
  • “Do-not-track” requests
  • Cookie management
  • Servers available globally
  • No logs


UPX Browser has a free version and a paid version, which is $7.99 a month or $79.99 for the year. The paid version gets some added perks like unlimited bandwidth, faster connections, and no ads.


  • Free version
  • VPN-like functionality
  • Easy to use, with a quick-start tutorial
  • Pre-configured settings
  • Global networks
  • Proxy VPN support for file download, MP3, and video


  • Not available on desktop
  • No free trial for the premium membership
  • Ads can be annoying 

Best Suited For

If you’re looking for a proxy browser on your mobile device, this is a solid solution. You can try out their free version to see if it’s worth upgrading to a paid plan.

2. Bright Data


While dedicated proxy browsers offer built-in tools to bypass content restrictions, there are powerful proxy services that can be used in tandem with regular browsers for the same purpose. A great example of this is Bright Data

Bright Data offers high-quality proxy services that can be configured with popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox. You can get various IP types (residential, mobile, data center) from all over the world, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions quite effectively. This is especially useful for those who prefer using their standard browsers but want the unblocking capabilities of a proxy.

6T97BFQ0pcCgbv bCoCJHTykyIBpyemhFF8trVNSaieePL MgB2BGmOmtcHuhoMI4WgnbVeIjbyjb6OhgX gdX4InRls14vEs98MUNc9SXNX98XJiBdy7bV01hyMzhAyj0v Tt5Cq4gZ4s72BunQ8Rc

I didn’t purchase any of their proxies, but I did check out their handy proxy browser extension, which is for Bright Data users. If you want to buy proxies, this extension looks like an easy way to integrate your account and capabilities right into your browser. You can use it to delete your cookies and it even has an “Allow in incognito” option.


  • Proxy services (residential, mobile, ISP, and datacenter proxies available)
  • Proxy browser extension
  • Excellent performing proxies at any scale
  • Large geographic coverage
  • Unlimited concurrent requests
  • Great network uptime


Bright Data has several pricing plans for their proxies, starting with a $15/GB Pay-as-you-go plan.


  • Large IP pool
  • A good range of proxies is available
  • Proxy manager extension
  • 99.99% uptime


  • Not an actual proxy browser
  • Proxies can be costlier than some other options

Best Suited For

This is a great solution for those looking for proxy services. If you have your own preferred browser and proxies but still wish to access restricted content seamlessly, Bright Data is a top choice. They’re also useful for other services, like data scraping, ad verification, and more, demonstrating the versatility of the service.


N2VW7qsoFkwV5ENP2 3kfQyxx1CFcwufMpCvowPzbIJ5BC8DUyfXyN is a VPN service and not a proxy browser, but I want to include them on our list because they’re a great solution if your goal is to unblock websites and access restricted content (and I’m not alone in that opinion). They have over 25 million users around the world because they’re fast and offer a nice set of privacy features. boasts 99.99% uptime and over 2300 servers in 85 locations around the world. Some other features include a no-logs policy, multiple VPN protocols, strong encryption, and more.


You can use to unblock and access websites using their VPN since it reroutes your internet connection through a server in a different location, but where the app really shines is their optimized servers for streaming. A lot of proxy browsers and VPN services don’t work well with websites like Netflix or YouTube. These streaming sites will often detect and blacklist the IP addresses associated with known VPN servers. With that said, I had no trouble accessing either site, even on the free plan. 

But for those trying to access region-specific content on streaming platforms, I recommend trying out their paid plan which comes with optimized streaming servers around the world. Luckily offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • VPN service
  • 2300+ servers in 85 locations
  • No logs
  • Multihop
  • VPN protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard
  • Unlimited data transfers
  • IP leak protection
  • Unlimited server switching

Pricing offers a free version and a paid subscription, which is $9.95/month for 1 month, $5/month for 3 months, and $2.88/month for 17 months (which gets you 5 months free). The paid plan comes with unlimited data traffic, access to more servers, simultaneous connections, and more features.


  • Available on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and more
  • Good free version
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Chrome, Edge, and Firefox extensions


  • No integrated browser
  • Free version can be limited for heavier users

Best Suited For

The VPN is a popular choice among users wanting to access restricted content, especially streaming services. So if you’re trying to get access to the latest anime on Netflix in Japan, this app will do the trick.

4. Opera

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Opera Browser has been around for over 25 years, and they’re constantly adding new features and improvements, like a Crypto Wallet and AI technology. A nice feature I like is their built-in VPN, which not only offers an added layer of security but also allows you to unblock websites and bypass content restrictions.

Their free VPN comes with over 100 fast servers but only has three locations, so you might need to upgrade to their VPN Pro for more unique locations that can help you bypass blocked websites if that’s your primary goal.

After downloading Opera Browser, I was able to add some customization, like a light or dark theme and wallpaper, which, while not necessary, adds a nicer user interface. You can turn on ad-blocker, add social apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and even import data from your standard browser, which is great if you’re like me and have lots of bookmarks. And since Opera is based on Chromium, you can also import your Chrome extensions.

They have a short user guide when you first open the app that gives you a quick walkthrough on setting up your browser.

Overall, I really like Opera Browser. It’s clearly tailored for the everyday user, skillfully blending the essential features we’ve come to expect in a standard browser with innovative additions, like their Aria AI and a built-in VPN. I also like the seamless social media integration and the integrated messenger. This browser feels like a hub for modern-day digital interactions.


  • Browser with built-in VPN
  • Ad-blocker
  • Integrated messengers like WhatsApp
  • Aria browser AI
  • Integrated social media
  • Data sync
  • Import bookmarks


Opera Browser and built-in VPN are free to use, but you do have the option to upgrade to their VPN Pro for $3.99 a month. This gets you access to over 3,000 servers around the world, more devices, and system-wide VPN protection.


  • Free built-in VPN
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for VPN Pro
  • Impressive features
  • Great UX/UI


  • No reading mode
  • Not as many privacy features as proxy browsers

Best Suited For

Opera Browser is a top pick for daily browsing and everyday use, boasting a user-friendly UI/UX that feels intuitive and efficient. Its rich array of social features makes staying connected easy, and the integrated VPN is a major plus for those seeking to bypass content restrictions and unblock sites.

5. Epic Privacy Browser

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Epic Privacy Browser is another browser built on the Chromium framework, offering the speed and security users expect from modern browsers while also prioritizing user privacy. It comes with a built-in encrypted proxy with servers in seven countries, making it a great browser for unblocking websites and even bypassing paywalls.

Other features users love about this browser are that it blocks ads, cookie tracking, and fingerprinting. You can also customize the browser with themes and by importing your Chrome extensions

Lyp0LETr5bBPs2iAbUpMQBStXqS6i0NYjayjJ6KuxbMF8QGMud8CIss97trt 9Cp7mwIcSxdZd9X WD yujm2GmxFKzkfil

Overall, I had a good experience with Epic Browser. As you can see from my screenshot, it offers pretty much everything your standard browsers like Chrome and Firefox offer – you can set the appearance, add bookmarks and extensions, and adjust your privacy settings.

When using it, I was able to see how many trackers have been blocked and fingerprinting attempts that were blocked. The encrypted proxy will automatically be turned on, but you can easily turn it off in the settings.

I didn’t have a problem accessing my favorite websites, but according to PC Mag, some websites strangely were not accessible with this browser. 

Overall, given its free built-in encrypted, proxy, it’s definitely worth giving a shot if your goal is to access restricted content and unblock websites.


  • Private Browser with built-in encrypted proxy
  • Blocks fingerprinting
  • Encrypts data
  • Shows who’s tracking you and blocks them
  • Ad blocker


Epic Privacy Browser is free to use.


  • Available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Good privacy features


  • Some websites don’t work

Best Suited For

This is a great solution for those looking for some privacy and security features in addition to unblocking restricted content. Not only does their proxy encrypt data, but it also blocks all the tracking standard browsers use through various methods.

6. IPRoyal Proxy Extension

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IPRoyal is another proxy service provider that offers a convenient proxy extension. Similar to Bright Data (which we reviewed above), IPRoyal offers a nice lineup of proxies you can buy, from residential and data center proxies to mobile, sneaker, and private proxies. 

For those wanting to unblock content, know that there’s a distinction between the convenience of proxy browsers like UPX Browser and the specialized capabilities of proxy providers like Bright Data or IPRoyal. While the former might offer quick fixes for casual browsing, the latter will give you a more tailored and reliable approach to bypassing geographically restricted content. 

So if you’re serious about consistently accessing blocked content, the robust network infrastructure of dedicated proxy services can be a game-changer. 

ZkAcInVdNJ6BY87BOmQzvEc r9ql4Sha4 sfd1xN780Mkt34Wd1UrNrfZ2Tj8t vafm97aH1zwX5KHIpZgToaWz0tL2KlrtU JZWktAC4xEdbyjTcI3WlTrP9LMgFlWM0S61WMvKR555 ZQyPMi NW8

I added their Chrome Proxy extension, which works with proxies from any provider. I found that this extension offered a bit more customization and features than other proxy management extensions I’ve used. This one gives much more control over your proxies. You can import different proxy types easily, switch between profiles, set up a bypass list, and buy proxies from IPRoyal with one click. 

Overall this extension is a great tool for easily managing your proxies. You don’t have to dive into any complex settings or configurations. You just buy your proxies through IPRoyal or another provider and enjoy an open internet.


  • Proxy services, including rotating residential, static residential, datacenter, sneaker, mobile proxies
  • Proxy manager browser extension
  • Proxies unblock websites
  • Easy proxy switching
  • Extension can be used with any provider


The extension is free to use, but you can buy proxies from IPRoyal starting at $7/GB for their rotating residential proxies (unless you buy in bulk, which would be cheaper) which allow city and state targeting, flexible rotation, and sticky options, and available in 195 countries.


  • Wide variety of proxies to buy
  • Free web proxy browser extension is convenient and easy to use
  • Affordable proxies
  • Excellent uptime 


  • Not an actual proxy browser
  • Proxy website pricing page is a little misleading and only reflects bulk purchases

Best Suited For

With IPRoyal, you can try out their proxies for just $7/GB, which is a lot cheaper than other options out there. Their prices paired with their handy web browser extension are ideal for those who are new to the world of proxies and want a more straightforward, cost-effective entry point without compromising on reliability.

How to Use a Proxy Browser Safely

First and foremost, always keep your proxy browser updated. Developers continuously enhance security features and patch vulnerabilities. For an added layer of protection, consider combining your proxy browser usage with a reputable VPN – this further encrypts your internet connection, adding more to your online defenses. 

While proxy browsers can give you anonymity, they aren’t always bulletproof, so it’s wise to refrain from conducting sensitive transactions, like online banking when using one. Modern browsers, by default, use HTTPS to encrypt the data between your browser and the websites you visit. A proxy browser can provide similar encryption, but the difference lies in the potential trustworthiness and security standards of the proxy provider. So be sure to stick with proxy browsers with solid reputations and positive reviews. 

Common Questions and Misconceptions

Using a proxy browser makes me completely anonymous online.

While proxy browsers do enhance online anonymity by hiding your IP address and sometimes encrypting your traffic, they don’t make you completely invisible. Advanced tracking techniques, like browser fingerprinting, can still potentially identify users. Always combine multiple tools and practices for the best privacy.

All proxy browsers are the same.

Different proxy browsers may use distinct servers, encryption methods, and privacy protocols. It’s important to research and choose one that aligns with your needs and trustworthiness standards.

Proxy browsers slow down my internet significantly.

While it’s true that some proxy browsers can cause a bit of lag due to the extra step of routing traffic, the impact varies. Modern proxy browsers have optimized their servers and connections to minimize this delay.

Using a proxy means my data is passing through another entity. Isn’t that risky?

Yes, when you use a proxy, your data routes through another server. That’s why it’s crucial to use reputable proxy browsers. Some malicious or poorly managed proxies might track your activity or even intercept data.

Proxy browsers and VPNs are the same thing.

While they share similarities, they’re not identical. A VPN encrypts and reroutes all of your device’s internet traffic, whereas a proxy browser typically only affects the web traffic within the browser itself.

It’s illegal to use a proxy browser.

While using a proxy browser isn’t inherently illegal in most places, what you do with it can be. For example, bypassing geo-restrictions to access copyrighted content might get you into trouble. Always be sure you’re aware of regional laws and the terms of service of websites you visit.


Throughout this article, we’ve looked at a variety of solutions tailored to help users unblock content and surf the web more privately and securely. Let’s recap. 

For those wanting to unblock content on their mobile device, the UPX browser is a great choice and lets you test the waters with their free version. On the other hand, Bright Data shines as a versatile solution, not just for content access but also for tasks like data scraping and ad verification. VPN emerges as a favorite, especially if you want fast streaming, making international anime binges on platforms like Netflix possible. Opera Browser is great for everyday use, with a built-in VPN to access restricted content. For those who want extra privacy, Epic Privacy Browser keeps your data safe and stops trackers. And if you’re on a budget and new to proxies, IPRoyal is a cost-effective choice with a user-friendly extension.

Remember, proxy browsers are valuable tools for accessing content and ensuring online privacy. Always keep your online safety in mind when exploring the web.

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